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Great places in Bhopal you can hit with your friends for a lazy afternoon

Published on: 30/01/20 10:55 AM

fun places in bhopal

Bhopal may be a calm and quiet place, but that doesn’t mean that there is any dearth of exciting places to be with your friends. The best part is that you can have an equally relaxing, quiet time with your friends at these places too.

So, let us look into some of these great places and bask in the fun and joy of youth.

  1. Kerwa Dam


Fun Places to Visit in Bhopal with Friends and Family

Kerwa Dam is a picturesque scene of flowing waters and a cool breeze. You and your friends can do fun rounds of zip-lining if you feel particularly adventurous, but it’s much better spot for simply lounging around.

  1. Shahpura Lake


Shahpura Lake bhopal - Great Place to Visit in Bhopal

Shahpura Lake has an amazing street-food scene that friends can enjoy and explore, without having to shell out a lot from your pocket.

  1. Campion Road Street Food

Campion school street food is yet another place to eat and relax with your friends amidst the se-waves-like sound of traffic nearby.

  1. DB Mall


DB Mall Bhopal - fun place to visit in bhopal

DB Mall was the first choice for a multi-recreational day for youngsters back in the day. Even after so many years, it is still the most preferred. That should tell you something.

  1. Upper Lake


Upper Lake Bhopal - Great Places in Bhopal

A point at any of the lake viewing spots is a wonderful place to soak in the wonders of the calm and serene city of Bhopal, for a perfect, lazy and no-talk afternoon.

  1. Bharat Bhavan


Bharat-Bhavan Bhopal - Great Places to Visit in Bhopal

For a night of culture and authentic enjoyment, you can check out the many plays and shows being staged at Bharat Bhavan. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to meet the artistes and get inspired yourself.

  1. Bittan Market


Bittan Market Bhopal - Famous in Bhopal

Bittan is a complete bazaar where you would find anything and everything you could need. We recommend it as you can have a memorable time with your friends roaming around and shopping for an amazing collection of dresses or shoes.

  1. New Market


New Market Bhopal - Famous Place in Bhopal

When it comes to shopping, another place you can hit is the New Market bazaar, which is especially active during the weekends. It has all the latest collections of all kinds of stuff that you would love to shop around for with your friends.

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