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“Green Hotels” Around The World

Published on: 15/12/18 5:03 PM

Eco Friendly Hotels around the world

We all travel around the world and book hotels to stay. Before booking any hotel we check that how clean and well arranged the hotel rooms are. But in this era of climate change, it’s not only about staying in a hotel with usual comforts they are providing but also about environmental sustainability. This means that we need to know whether there are any energy-saving measures taken place by the hotel staff, do they follow water-saving practices or are there waste disposal and recycling systems in place.

Well, there are some eco friendly hotels around the world which are taking steps to improve their green credentials and going carbon-neutral in an effort to cause the least possible damage to the environment.

Here’s the list

E.c.ho. Milan (Ecological Contemporary Hotel)

Eco Friendly Hotels around the World

This hotel is an example of a sustainable eco friendly hotel equipped with several notable green technologies. Occupancy sensors in the guest rooms regulate the air conditioning system, the water heaters are energy-efficient, and a computerized LED lighting system is in place in all areas of the property.

RocksresortLaax, Switzerland

World's Best Green Ski Hotel in 2018

The entire ski resort is powered by hydroelectricity while the buildings are heated using renewable biomass energy, or fuel made from organic materials. Moreover, the resort’s chairlifts are powered by the energy captured by solar panels and soon three wind turbines will provide another sustainable energy source to the resort. Rocksresort has won the title of World’s Best Green Ski Hotel in 2018 at the World Ski Awards.

Soori Bali, Indonesia

Recycled grey water is used to irrigate the resort’s gardens and wastage is minimized through a water-efficient bathroom, laundry, and kitchen appliances.

Ion Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir, Iceland

Ion Adventure Hotel - Among top Green Hotels

This green hotel includes recycled materials in its interior design which are very eye-catching and eco-friendly. The surrounding hot springs feed the natural swimming pool, and the lava found in the natural environment, as well as reclaimed wood and Icelandic wool, are some of the materials used to make the hotel’s furniture. Tables, chairs and hand sinks are made of recycled tires.

La Vimea Biotique Hotel, Italian Alps

This has a 100% vegan kitchen and is eco- and veg-friendly as a result. Dishes served here are prepared with organic produce sourced from local organic farmers as well as the management’s own farm in Tuscany. Here they also produce organic olive oil and saffron.

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