Habits That Make You Stand Out As An Independent Women

Published on: 24/04/18 6:40 PM

Who Are You- Independent Lady Or Still A Girl??

Every girl is beautiful and she should know this already. As an Independent woman won’t beg for attention, won’t please anyone but will rule the world in style. She is a badass woman who is carefree about the world. Let us have a look at the list of traits that make her the most desirable women. She is an independent lady who can keep everyone hooked with her simplicity.

  1. Her Beauty Definition


    Independent women can survive without makeup as they find themselves beautiful so spending too much money on makeup is not her call.

  2. She Lives A Life Queen Size


    She aims to enjoy life to its fullest and find time for herself too. Reconnecting in me-time is important for her, so she ensures she gets time to pursue her hobbies like reading a novel, painting, sketching, writing, poetry creation, etc.

  3. She Stands For Herself


    Independent women can survive without a relationship and would love staying single. They will walk away if they feel they are being undervalued or overlooked for the goodness they possess.

  4. She Is Bold To Make The First Move


    Being confident she is the first movers that doesn’t fear being the first person to asks it out. She doesn’t believe in regretting that helps her initiate first. A lady is a doer who doesn’t care about being tagged or named for being bold enough to speak out her mind. While a girl will feel shy about being tagged with names.

  5. She Knows Waiting For Someone Is A Stupid Idea


    She will love a man but won’t wait for a man who can’t reciprocate her commitment, loyalty, care, and love just like she does. Lady can live without a man and don’t need a guy to validate her presence. While a girl finds herself incomplete without a guy. A woman knows that waiting for someone is a stupid idea when you know he is a busy increasing number of girls on his list and can’t choose one for a lifetime.

  6. Women Are Trained To Control Emotions


    A lady is trained to be in charge of her feelings so she doesn’t fear confiding it to four walls of her heart. She can control the emotions that help her lead a happy hustle-free life.

  7. She Is Responsible For Her Decisions


    A lady finds herself responsible for the mess she creates and doesn’t play “the blame game” unlike girls. As she knows it was her decision at first place, so she admits it without feeling shameful about owning up her mistake. She finds herself accountable for her decisions as she accepts herself with all her flaws.

  8. She Avoids Drama


    Being a badass woman she is carefree about the world’s and their opinion about her. Moreover, she avoids drama as fake attention seeker is not her take on life. She is original to the core that looks to cut the drama out of her life.

  9. She Looks For Substance In A Bond


    A lady looks for building a bond of substance. She doesn’t play games rather aims for a genuine bonding that makes her real to the core and a softie at heart. So she hates double-faced species.

  10. She Enjoys Life


    Independent women will sponsor her happiness above habits and pleasure. She believes in living life queen size and would spend her earning on things that give her joy. Ladies are fond of food, shopping, traveling, exploring destinations, etc and so on. So, dear ladies get your bff’s onboard and kickstart a journey that awaits you.

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