Happy Mother’s Day To All Superwomen’s Born With Super Powers!

Published on: 12/05/18 10:37 AM

I Bet, You’ll Agree After Knowing About The Powers She Possess!

A mother is a person that can just fix you when you most need it. Being the Best creation of God, she has researched your mood swings since you were in her womb. Has eaten extra to feed you with something you wish to have. She has been tagged foody, for fulfilling your demands. A mother is born with infinite powers so let’s salute the motherhood that is powerful beyond measure.

1. She Is The X-Ray Machine

Mothers are born with a talent for finding things in seconds that we try finding from hours. Either we keep things so carefully that we fail to discover where we kept that. Or we carelessly forget keeping things at places that were never our call for keeping things. She can scan to every room of the house and can keep that lost finding in your hand in seconds. She gets those things you keep saying “ni mil Raha” as quick as superwomen that are born with superpowers.

2. Saves You From Being Scolded By Dad


She can fight the world for you and even if it means fighting dad, she’ll do that for you. For seeing that beautiful smile on your face she can fight the world just for you.

3. If you are Hungry She Can Sense it Just By looking at Your Face

Just by seeing you mothers can detect whether you are hungry or not? As she has studied you closely and so she is aware of the activities you perform on a daily basis. Therefore she can keep things ready for you to not let you feel hungry anymore.

4. Can Control Your Moves Emotionally

She can guide your life by playing the emotional card, not to make you admit to what she wants? But to stop you from taking up things that will destroy your career in the long run.

5. She’ll Worry If You Don’t Take Her Call

If you forgot to revert her the call when she called you, even if you were driving back to work. She’ll get panicky and will worry about you like crazy. And when you’ll be home safely, she’ll be relieved but will shower taunts on you, to make you realize your life is important for her.

6. She Has Methods To Wake You Up

Waking up late in the morning can bless you with an opportunity to listen to her morning taunts. Like for girls- ‘Itni der Tak soti rahegi to saas jute marge tuje”. “uth Ja Kamini” or she’ll say “its 12.00pm” when you wanted to wake up at 8.00am. just to wake you up she’ll say-Now you’ll be late for office. And then, suddenly on hearing this, your eyes will open up like anything.

7. Can Forcast Your Future

Not helping her in the kitchen simply means your future is going to be dark like a coal. She can forecast your future saying- “Kuch ni ho sakta tera likh k le le mujhse.”

8. Her Shot Of Attack Is Perfect

When she hits you with a pillow or even a bottle it will exactly hit you where it was intended at first place. You can never save yourself from her perfect shot of attack.

9. Words Of Mother Can Put You On Fire

Her words can turn your world upside down. As her words can prick you like a cactus leaf. It can make you burst with anger but that doesn’t mean you are worthless. All she is concerned about -is your better future. Even if her words hurt you, trust me her words were never intentional.

10. She Has Best Plans For Your Wornout Clothes

Your old clothes can now be her perfect mop that will be used for cleaning floors. She can exchange your clothes to buy some utensils as well. As she is big time planner for your wedding and has been collecting utensils for your wedding since you were born.

11. Can Hear The Sound From Any Distance Of The House

If you think you can run away after dropping a cup or something. Sorry, you’ll be caught red handed as she can hear the noise from any corner of the house. So there is no one who can save you from the scolding you are about to get from her. On dropping or breaking utensils.

12. Her Hugs Can Lighten Up Your Mood

Her Hugs can change your mood, relief your body from stress and can fix the pain a guy gave you. So relax a mom’s hug can fix the broken you into a better person. Morning hugs of mom can be the happy day charmer, so just grab your mom and tell her she means the world to you. Give back the love she has been giving to all of us without a break.

13. Born With Supreme Energy

A mother can do everything from cleaning to cooking. To shopping to lifting heavy things, she can manage it all without taking a break. She has infinite powers that help her manage your drama to being a supermom for your that cooks your favorite dishes to cheer you up.

14. Your Tears Or Scream Can Make Her Move Mountains For You

Your tears can make her move mountains for you. As she’ll be the one that would fly all the way from a different city to see you whether you are okay or not. She can even convince dad to let you get married to the love of your life if she is convinced he/ she can take good care of you.

Happy Mother’s Day..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
To All Beautiful and Superwomen Ladies, that have been caring for each one of us without a break. Lets ensure to be the best son’s or daughter’s of our mother. And take care of them just like they have been doing for us.


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