Have You Ever Learnt The Lesson Of Stupidity? If No,Then Listen Vir Das On His Knox College Speech.

Published on: 3/08/18 12:12 PM

Vir Das is well known for his acting in Badmaash company, Delhi Belly and Go Goa Gone But He has another part of his career which is the comedian. Yes, Vir Das is a famous comedian. He has given many performances as an on-stage stand-up comedian.


His first stand up performance was at Knox college where Das first explored stand-up comedy with his first special, Brown Men Can’t Hump.

Vir Das has also given his contribution as a teaching assistant for the Beginning Acting career at Knox college. he trained as a method actor for six months and performed eight plays with the Moscow Arts Theatre, At Harvard.

Vir Das Addressing the Class of 2018 at Knox College sharing his life experience and reasons to have stupidity in oneself


Vir Das has Born in Dehradun and he grew up in Africa and studied in Africa as well as India. His experience of the life is totally different and amazing, His comedy is accompanied by humor with sarcasm, and truth. He has done a lot of comedy act in his life, but his speech at the Knox College, on Stupidity, was really Learnable.

The speech that he gave when he got an honorary doctorate. He was told to address the Knox College graduating class of 2018.

Vir Das  explains what stupidity means for us and why it is necessary for us. How can we leave this sensible world behind by doing stupid things in our life? And this is the real way of living life.

Here are the words of his speech on stupidity…..


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