Health Driven Tricks That Work Wonders While She Is PMSing !

Published on: 27/08/18 12:53 PM

Tips To Relax Your PMSing Pain!

When she is PMSing she undergoes an emotional turbulence. She needs to take care of her stomach more than anything as she faces painful crams. Know these symptoms to help her recover from the pain she is facing. She needs your care more than anything so help her relax and not be her stress.

Body Symptoms

PMS Body Symtoms

Body symptoms faced by a girl during her PMS Include- headache, bloating, breast tenderness, change in appetite, weight gain, swelling in face, ankles, feet, and hands, aching in the back, cold sores (sometimes recurring), heaviness, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, gaseousness, light and noise sensitivity, food cravings, acne, diarrhea and constipation, lack of coordination and muscle spasms.

Doing These Things Will Help You Relieve Pain Quicker:
1- Carom Seeds Water

Carom Seeds Water - Relives PMS Pain Quicker

Drinking carom seeds water while you are PMSing can help in reducing menstrual cramps. It helps in overcoming indigestion, relieves muscle cramps, treats pimples and acne. It cures a cold and cough, prevents acidity.

2- Hot Water Bag


She needs rest when she is down in her period’s pain facing painful cramps in stomach and lower abdominal area. Hot water bag serves as a pain buster, as it reduces the pain and blocked blood blockages.

3- Fresh Fruits


Intake of fresh fruits can help you supplement fresh oxygen and nutrients in your body. Its deficiency can make your body weak so ensure an adequate amount of fruits form part of your diet.

4- Join Yoga Classes


If you wish to stay active and pain-free divert it with some exercise.Such as- yoga, etc, that can help you set your body free from cramps. Your body needs more attention to ensure you regain the lost energy and active version of you.

5- Bananas


Eating bananas while on your periods can help you give the lost energy. As girls feel energy drained when she is PMSing. So intake of banana in your diet is best to relieve your pain.

6- Chocolate


Girls get addicted to chocolates as it acts as a mood changer for them. Pardon her for the love she experiences for chocolates during her periods. As she craves for more chocolate than food.

7- Omelet


Ensure you have a protein-rich diet. If you are feeling deprived of energy an omelet can be a quick energy booster for you. So girl perk up your mood and be a strong girl you always wanted.

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