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Health Is The Only Wealth !!! Five Minute Health Hacks To Look And Feel Good

Published on: 23/01/18 10:43 AM

Health Calling !! Five Minute Hacks That Has A Impact

Health is the wizard of wisdom that glorifies persona of an individual. One can only succeed only with a calm mind that brings self-confidence and inner strength along. To keep our mind pure one must adopt a mindset of good habits. I am sure 3rd 4th and 6th will surprise you, as you could always do this?? Lets Practice Some 5 Minute Health Hacks to stay healthy and beautiful all day long-

1- Luke Warm Water
Five Minute Heath Hacks - Luke Warm Water with Honey

Practicing a habit of drinking lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon in empty stomach in morning will energies you and strengthens you for a healthy day.

2- Find someME TIME”-
5 Minute Health Hacks - Find Me TimeSource

Start your day with some energy activity. Just indulge into dance or workout, as soon as you ditch you bed. To kick start your day and develop happy mood do some workout-cycling, walking, yoga, cardio, etc.

3- Wake up with a Smile
Five Minute Health Hacks - Wake Up with a SmileSource

As soon as you push your blanket and stretch your arms with a yarn. Just add a smile into your routine and you’ll make your day great.

4- Sip a Song Thrill
Five Minute Health Hacks - Listen High Intensity SongsSource

Listen to your Favorite song after lunch breaks at office or at home. Play the music loud and perform for yourself. Song not only enhances your mood but gives you the stamina to be active in second half of office else you know it’s all about-yawning.

5- Take the Stairs
Five Minute Health Hacks - Use StaircaseSource

Cheat the lift because it’s time to take care of yourself. Health is wealth, so to earn it well you have to plan time well.

6- Dear Junk-it’s time to Break up
five minute health hacks - Avoid Junk FoodsSource

Get into serious relationship with water and avoid filling your stomach with junk food to get the “Beautiful glow on your face”. As Health is the only Wealth, so let’s wake up with these healthy hacks to unlock a Happy Day..!!.


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