Here Are Some Tricks To Cheat On Your Mind To Lead A Happy And Successful Life !

Published on: 23/04/18 8:00 PM

Rule Your Mind, Else It Will Rule You

Our mind is the remote of our life. If we fail to keep our mind in control then we will lose control of our life. The person who can control their mind is a real-life winner. Rule your mind else it will rule you is a wise saying that defines the reality of life beautifully. It describes who is stronger party in the battle of war- mind vs you??

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Rule You


Our mind is tamed to remember the bad happening but unfortunately, it forgets the good happenings. We have so many boxes in our brain to treasure the good moments but we end up filling those boxes with cold memories and not gold. Why do you treasure pain, hardship, failure, suffering, bad journey?? Why can’t you treasure moments of joy, love, success, Etc..!!! Who is responsible for the stale stock of memories?? The Answer is – “Me, Me and only Me“. Don’t let negative thoughts rule your life.

Decide What You Wish To Be- A King Or A Slave?


Learn to tame your brain else it will take the driving seat of your life, a life driven by mind is a slavery life. Be a king of your life and not a slave of your brain. The day you surrender it in front of your mind you will lose control of your life and its direction.

Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself


Being analytic is good but please don’t be harsh on yourself. Don’t over evaluate life and the life lessons as sometimes no idea about life is the perfect idea about life.

Take Charge to Control Your Mind


Be Accountable for your decisions and take a charge to control your brain. Some say mind can never be controlled but if you actually try, you won’t regret it.

Stop Imagining Things That Never Happened


Overthinking is the cause of stress and problems. So, stop imagining things that never happened in reality. Let your brain breath oxygen don’t let it drain your energy stressing on things that never happened.

Boarding The Time Machine is Not An Excuse To Avoid Current Situation

Just because you don’t wish to commit something don’t keep using your past as an excuse to not move forward. Coward live in the shackle of past whereas winners live in present.

Distract Your Mind With A Beautiful Possibility


Don’t limit your mind saying it can’t instead say “It Will”. Hope is the best optimistic possibility one could imagine for self. Learn to distract yourself from encountering with a negative thought.

Fear Don’t Let You Win Battles You Deserve To Win


Don’t fear it, just do it. Fear only arrives where there is a strong possibility of a positive outcome. Be bold enough to face-off your fears and control your brain from sinking into bad outcomes.

Think Before Reacting


Be wise and alert before reacting to any of the life challenges. As reacting without thinking is like jumping into the fire that was not intended to harm you at first place.

Stop Worrying


Worrying won’t solve anything but will only increase pressure on your brain. If you actually want to solve something part your ways from the bad feeling to come to a good conclusion.

Write it Out


Everything that bothers us can be resolved. Pen down what you feel and express your heart out. I bet you will feel light after writing out all your worst mood swings. As it will help you break free the shackles of emotions that don’t let you grow.

Identify Source


Identify the areas that prick you or make you sad. Cut the thread from sources that induce you with anger, aggression, depression, etc.

Pause And Stop Your Thoughts


Learn to stop your thoughts and pause them for a while. The brain is the mom of our life it can either shape us or can’t stop us from opting a path not worthy of us. So, pause your thoughts by saying “All is Well” because it actually works.

Listen To Music


Opt for some music therapy if your mind can’t be quite at some events. The best remedy is to be patient and expressive about sorrows by listening to some music.

Live in the Present as Future is Unforeseen


We tend to stress our brain much by striking on events that happened in our imagination and not in reality. Learn to embrace time by living in the present. As nothing grows in past nor builds by worrying about future. If its a business you need to think about future but in case of life-let it go, the way it’s shaping. When the plan doesn’t work according to you remember its working as per the almighty and he won’t disappoint you.

Get An Understanding Of Yourself


Understand your pricking areas and practice staying calm at all times until you should speak out your mind. Learn to stay quite by getting a deep understanding of yourself so that problems become easy to encounter.

Shoot At Sight


Be a warrior and kill the negative thoughts at sight. Don’t let it occupy space in your brain as it will kill your peace if it enters your brain. So keep the doors bolted so that no negative thought gets in your brain.

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