Hey Beautiful, Preserve Your Body With These Beauty Hacks!

Published on: 2/09/18 10:03 AM

Preserve Your Beauty With These Hacks!

Hey, beautiful are you aware that your beauty needs attention. Yes, it does. If you have been a cosmoholic, here are some things you should know about beauty products. You might feel good about using those products.

Remove Your Makeup


You should remove the makeup every night before you toss down to sleep. Doing so might help in reducing in acne burst, dark spots or even damaged skin. So, clear your face with a facewash and clean all the makeup you applied to your face. Apply some moisturizing cream if you have a dry/normal skin. But if its oily, avoid using a thick-textured cream.


Using a toner will help you maintain a pH balance of your skin. And will also help in fighting off bacteria and the growth of other microorganisms. Buy a nice quality toner to wipe the face and neck at bedtime. It will help you embrace a clean hydrated skin.

Eye Cream

Beauty Tips for Wrinkle free skin around eyes

Aging signs are visible around the eyes so it shouldn’t be ignored. Apply eye cream to keep the area hydrated and soft. It will also help in reducing the panda eyes and wrinkle growth on your skin thereby helping in skin tightening around the eyes.

Pillow Cover


To keep your hairs free from tangling or knotting, go for silky pillow covers. It will protect your hairs from damage and maintain the quality of hairs. Tie your hairs to protect it from getting contacted to your skin. As the oil and dirt in your hair might open doors for acne and pimples.

Apply Hand Cream


Go for applying hand cream before sleeping. As it will keep your hands soft and nourished. Simply wash your hands with warm water and mild soap. Then dry them with the cotton towel and apply hand cream.

Petroleum Jelly on Feet

Vaseline prevents cracked skin on heels - Skin Tips

Apply some foot cream or even petroleum jelly on the rough patches of your feet. It will help in softening the hard skin as well as heal the cracked skin of heels.

Brush Your Teeth


It’s a good habit to brush your teeth before going to bed as it will help in fighting tooth problems. Prevent your teeth from germs and cavities to have an odor free morning.


Skin care Tips - Sleep 8 hours daily preventing the dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. As a good night sleep helps in rejuvenates the skin. And also preventing the dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and a dull complexion from attacking face.

Practicing these beauty tips you will notice a positive change in your hair as well as skin. 

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