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‘Hidden Environmentalists’ from India

Published on: 7/10/18 10:37 AM

In day to day life people are so busy that they tend to neglect the availability of limited resources and exploit these resources. But sometimes we come across few people who feel a sense of responsibility towards environment and they are not proactive towards cleaner surroundings for any their personal profit or to gain any kind of popularity, but they realise a need to give back to the nature and to make a safer and a greener place. These people are no different from any of us. Rather, they have a more holistic understanding of our surroundings. There are few but and unknown to so many people and thus are known as ‘Hidden Environmentalists.’

Here are some of them

The rural environmentalists who planted over 100000 saplings.

An environmentalist from a rural village in Karnataka, Tulsi Gowda is a role model for many of us. This elderly woman has been silently contributing to save nature by planting new saplings and watering them for the last six decades.  Today, she has planted over 100,000 saplings in all, and the number increases every day. Her immense contribution towards preserving the environment and also looking after the various nurseries of the forest department is an inspiration to all the people.  For her love for the environment and her contributions, Tulsi Gowda has been honoured by the government and various organisations.

The man who left everything behind to create conservation centres for the wildlife of Himachal Pradesh.

Troubled by seeing the animal conflicts made this man determined to make a safe haven for animals. His name is Tilak Vij. He decided to leave Germany and work tirelessly in the jungles of Himachal Pradesh. There he worked to save the animals in the state. After years of hard work, he has created six nature clubs, which have helped increase the states green.

The lawyer who cleaned 5 million kgs of trash from Versova beach.

A Mumbai based lawyer and an ocean lover, Afroz Shah. He took the responsibility to clean the dirty filth which was spreading and covering the entire Versova beach. In 2015, he started a cleanliness drive that soon built up into the biggest beach cleanup in the world. Local residents started associating themselves into this venture, and the UN also sent in volunteers to help. Over 85 weeks, they managed to clean 5 million kgs of garbage and plastic.

The man who built his house entirely out of recycled goods and trash.

Living in a house made completely out of recycled products may sound strange to many people but GV Dasarathi has set an example by living in a ‘Trash Home’. Called ‘ Kachra Mane’ in Kannada, his house is recycled from the wood, to the toilets, even the refrigerator and the microwave are second hand! Kachra Mane has been set as an ideal home which ensures that all the resources and products that we human use can be reused in future if we believe in the idiom “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

The ‘Waste Pickers’

The waste pickers are the most important environmentalists of all. They are being ignored because unfortunately they are not considered important to the society. No one realises this fact that India generates 750,000 tons of waste every week, and 80% of it is disposed off/managed by the waste pickers. The waste pickers keep our roads clean, help recycling and disintegrate the waste, which helps our environment clean and thus these waste pickers are the real hidden environmentalists who should deserve to be appreciated for their work but sadly, they are treated as unworthy by the people.

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