Hilarious Truth We Presumed About Bollywood As A 90s Kid..!!

Published on: 24/02/18 11:29 AM

Can You Believe Your Eyes..??

We as 90’s kids had some strange and hilarious presumptions about Bollywood. Now the curtain is raised from the hilarious truth we believed to be true and which were never true.

1-We presumed that actor/actress sang the song for real.

We loved our favorite actors or actress, even more, when we presumed that they sang the song for real.

2-We presumed that actor and actress were actually in love not just on set but in real life.


Cupid scene of Bollywood made us believe that the actor and actress were dating in real life. Whereas they just played the couple role on sets of Bollywood, not real life.

3-The only man to worry about in Bollywood was the man with white or grey hairs.


The man who messed it all was the grey or white-haired men who never gave consent for marriage of lovebirds.

4-We presumed that The actor that played the role of villain was real life villain.


The man who played the role of villain in the movie was treated a real-life villain by us. How stupid we used to be as a 90’s kid??

5-We presumed all actors lived inside our TV.


Our intuition always made us believe that all the actors lived inside tv to entertain us at the start of a channel.

6-We presumed the dance step of songs are correct and blindly copied them until we know it had a meaning to convey.


We trusted the choreographer blindly until we realized some steps had a message we would never wish to pass to a stranger. Stupid us..!!

7-We believed that our actors died for real when we saw them dying on screen.


Death of an actor on the sets of Bollywood made us shed the real tears as we used to believe they died for real, whereas they acted well.

8-We believed singers were hiding in the movie scene.

Our imagination used to make us believe that singers are hiding in the song itself and will jump in as soon as the song begins.

9-We never believed money was a concern until we are poor or we grew up.


As kids, we though money was only a concern of poor until we grew up and realized its a concern of every grown-up who wishes to be independent in life.

10-We believed the true love hits you in this pose where boy holds the girl in his arms to stop her from falling.


Girls of 90’s used to believe that their prince charming will bang in them like this and save them from falling. The movie perception as compared to real life was far different. As in reality, your mr.right can even be your biggest enemy or even your best friend. All thanks to Dil Mil Gaye Show on tv that made us believe this even more..!


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