Hindi films which had a good story buildup but ended stupidly

Published on: 23/01/20 8:32 AM

Bollywood Movies with Worst Stupid Ending


Yes, there is no dearth of such films in Bollywood. A good story that seems to be going in a good direction suddenly takes a sharp right towards the mortuary. And sometimes, a story seems to be lost from the very beginning. Very common in Bollywood!

  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - An Iconic Hindi Film with the most terrible ending

Epiphanies can happen, but a guy needs a solid catalyst to make the last move. For example, in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, while leaving, Kabir is still on the fence of whether or not to leave for Paris. But then his stepmother comes in with the Rooh Afza and explains to him that his father loved his ‘chasing dreams’ attitude and he shouldn’t feel guilty. In this story, his stepmother acts as the trigger that finally pushes him over the fence, something which never occurs in DDLJ.

After a heated battle, SRK boards the train, ready to leave his apparent ‘Love-of-my-life’. And what’s more bizarre, Baoji and Raj’s characters are locked in a serious staring contest for like a thousand minutes, holding on to Simran’s hand, and suddenly and very conveniently (for the writer who was probably tired of writing a 3 hour screenplay and deciding that he can’t write anymore at the last plot twist), moments later, Baoji’s like “Jaa Simran, Ja Jee Le Apni Zindagi”.

If the same formula had been done by Ayan Mukherjee in YJHD, we would never have the ‘Bunny finally connecting with his stepmother’ scene. in the altered version, Bunny would probably have his great epiphany by staring for like a thousand minutes at the picture of his dead father.

  1. Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh - Miscommunication is the plot of this Hindi Film - Most ridiculous Story

Kabir Singh was one toxic love story that should have had a more befitting ending. At least an ending that could redeem the toxic lover Kabir Singh. There were so many things wrong with Kabir Singh, but if you just view it as a story it’s not all that bad. Except for one little thing. How in hell so much bad shit happens to you, when you know that that bad shit can be eliminated with just a phone call. Or even a text.

If Preeti was forced to marry some other guy while Kabir was busy overdosing on drugs, why didn’t it occur to any of the two that they could have communicated over the phone. When asked why she didn’t call him, Preeti gives some lame-ass answer that apparently she had seen him with another girl. Sounds very Ekta Kapoor serial-ish- ‘miscommunication between two people because of the misdeeds of some vamp.’ Alas! That plot device doesn’t work in the age of smartphones.

  1. Bharat

Bharat - Worst Story Build up and Movie Ending of any Hindi film in Bollywood

Iske To Bhai Kya Kehne. This movie was so bad that it doesn’t even require an explanation. We have included this movie not just because it had a stupid ending, but also because it had an equally stupid build-up.

  1. Badla

Badla - whodunnit film with a terrbile ending - How could this happen

While watching a thriller, detective or mystery whodunnit film, we do our own calculations so as to reach a conclusion about the identity of the real culprit before anyone else does. And if you have seen quality thrillers, you’ll know that whoever it is you’re thinking of, will definitely not be the one. It is never that obvious.

Often some crime thrillers can be predictable, but no film crosses the heights of predictability like Badla. You feel like Tapsee Pannu may be shady, turns out, she is. You feel that Rani (Amrita Singh’s character) and Nirmal have something to do with the murder and they do. The culprit is exactly who you think it is. It is Amrita Singh.

Sorry for the spoilers.

  1. Zero

Zero - Hindi Film with most ridiculous story line & equally terrible ending

We have kind of the same reaction to the film of Zero as we had for Bharat, and it’s not just limited to climax. The film should never have had the element of space travel. Seriously, there are millions of men who end up losing their girlfriends or wives due to their own stupidity, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be banished to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Not just because it is ridiculous, but also because it’s space, not Vegas.

Alright fine! Let’s say for argument’s sake that that happened. But what was the point of bringing him back. Apparently, seeing the success of Tanu Weds Manu franchise, Director Anand L. Rai presumed that this zero of a film will be a blockbuster, so he wrote the ending so as to accommodate a sequel.

Turns out, there is a reason why they say, never count your chickens before the eggs have hatched.

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