Hoax Vs Original Social Life-Tricks To Boost Your Social Life With The Use Of Psychology

Published on: 23/04/18 2:35 PM

Tricks To Boost Your Social Life With The Use Of Psychology!

In the world of smartphones, it’s important to be active on social media. But social life is nothing more than numbers be it- number of friends on facebook, followers on Instagram or Twitter. In the 21st century, we have lost upon real contacts in the chase of virtual contacts. So to boost social life its necessary that we use psychology to establish original life instead of demonstrating a hoax life. Here are life-saving hacks to build in real connections in social life and not virtual.

  1. Feet Say It All


    When you talk to someone at a public or social gathering or even outing watch closer to their actions. A person who is interested in you will have their feet tilted towards you, unknowingly. Whereas, If a person is disinterested in your discussion, can be seen playing with their feet. A person who feels out of place, conscious, lacking confidence will fold their feet in a social gathering.

  2. Be Bold Enough To Ask For Help


    If you need help be courageous and acceptable to the fact that you actually need help. Start off by saying-
    “I need help or I need a favor” and say it politely not rudely, else it will sound like an order saying- “you have to help me else I’ll sue you.” No, not like this. Say it politely by being respectable to the person you are asking for help.

  3. Get Over Nervousness

    If you can’t connect with the person due to your nervousness, just “chew a chewing gum.” Fool your brain with chewing gum so that your nerves get in control and help you establish a social connection.

  4. Take Note To Nod While Talking

    To make an effective social connection with the use of psychology, just take notes of the speaker’s words. Learn to nod at instances when you can connect and make them feel acceptable by just nodding to what they say. Make sure that you don’t nod much as if you are listening to a rock music as it will make the speaker feel as if they are talking rubbish, and you just want them to cut the crap.

  5. Address To Make Them Feel Acceptable


    Make sure to be a good speaker that holds a real active social life has practiced one magical practice. Do you know what it is? It is recalling the name of the person you are talking with. As recalling their name in conversation will bring in the personal touch and set longterm relations with the speaker who made you feel acceptable.

  6. Your Position While Talking


    If you are talking to someone and talking turns into an argument, don’t panic. If you face an unexpected argument don’t stand face to face and fight like dogs, no. On such happening stand next to each other to understand the point of difference that broke into an argument not facing each other to kill each other with foul words.

  7. Be Open To Someone’s Opinion


    Let the other person express their likes and dislikes openly-don’t sit at others head to make them like or know about someone they are not interested in knowing. Saying-“How can you not know this? Questions like this have no room for acceptance as the listener will feel you try to be over smart and hoax person.

  8. Let Eyes Speak Confidence


    When you talk learn to make an eye contact with the person you are talking. As a confident person always talks eye to eye to build a long-term network that actually fuels life. Friend list of 1000 friends with no real friends is useless to project about how social you are as a person.

  9. Observe Bonding While Laughing


    While sitting in a group, you can know many things about a group. A thing worth observing has traces in psychology about bonding and closeness of a person. The best friend or friends who are close to bonding choose to make eye contact. At the blast of a joke, the closer at heart people tends to look at each other at the sprout of a joke.

  10. Practice Deafness For Mockers


    People tend to poke nose only for two reasons namely- “when you are not doing good” or “when you are actually doing good.” So learn to be patient with haters who mock you or insult you just because you are ahead of them. Sometimes “No reaction” is the best reaction you could give to the fan that hates you for being better than them.

  11. Use Of Words That Connect


    When you are out at a place free from office worries try to build connections. Use words like-“I think” or “I believe” or ask questions to break the ice like-I have a question? or have you been here before?

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