How Is Mothers Day Celebration Around The World?

Published on: 14/05/18 8:49 PM

Let’s Know How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Across Boundaries?

Mothers Day is about paying tribute to the lady that never gets a day off from work. Being a mother is not easy as it means compromising on your wishes sometimes. A mother can only love its kids more than herself. Everything is easy for her when it’s about fighting the world for you. It’s Rightly Said- “As Good Couldn’t be Everywhere, therefore, he made Mother’s to take care of you..!!”

This day has a special place in every family, as it reminds us of a beautiful selfless lady that is the life giver Mother. How do you celebrate mother’s day? Just by wishing her or something more?
At some places, it’s celebrated as a festival of love and care. So, let’s know how this day is celebrated across the world and what is their way of celebration?


Its held on “Mothering Sunday,” which is the fourth Sunday of Lent. Mother’s Day in the UK honors Virgin Mary as well as British mums. On this special day, moms are pampered. A traditional simnel cake that is a spiced cake made with dried fruits having a topping with marzipan balls.



Mothers Day is celebrated on Second Sunday in the month of May every year. Kids celebrate this day by presenting cards, cooking favorite food, or gifted with wearable apparels or even gifted with her favorite cake.


Its celebrated as its celebrated in the USA. Canadians enjoy an advantage of nice weather than the normal. That helps them celebrate this mothers day that treats mom with a day out for brunching, lunching or dining. That saves her from cooking and can enjoy the day without worrying about home chores. She is gifted with cards and gifts, special cookies, cakes, as well as wear carnations to honor their mom’s.



In Australia, the florals that are most gifted to Mother’s on Mother’s Day as carnation is chrysanthemums. This variant of the flower is traditional flowers given to moms on occasion of Mother’s Day in Australia. Its celebrated as a holiday in the US. Aussie mother is called as “mums”.


Mothers Day in France is celebrated in late May or early June. its dependent on Pentecost falls. On this day, Mamans get pampered with celebration. French Mother’s Day is about receiving gifts, enjoying the day and having a grand meal at the end of this special day.

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