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How To Become A Debonair That Rule The World Just By Speaking

Published on: 20/02/18 7:05 PM

Are You A Debonair Already??

Do you wish to impact the world just by speaking out your mind and sound debonair to the world that waits to judge you? Here are some qualities that can help you perform well if you adopt these.

  1. Awareness
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Awareness

    The awareness about yourself is a must. If you aim to rule the world learn to change yourself for good. If a person can change themselves they hold power to change the world.
  2. Passion in Your Eyes
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Passion in eyes

    When you speak out your deepest desire and aim of life, you tend to showcase the passion in your eyes. If the aim of your life is to impact make sure passion fuels your life so that you rule the world with your words.
  3. Confidence Kills It
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Confidence

    Confidence in oneself is the first step to kill the captious person and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Its an asset very few mastered as others got sink with the tides some took the hight and some took a deep low take on confidence.
  4. No Thinking Involved
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - No thinking involved

    Critical thinking is not needed when you speak out your heart as a good speaker has trained their words so well that they appear best presenters to the world. So let your passion lit up the sparkle in your eyes.
  5. Kill The Fill
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - kill the fill

    To be the best influencer you need to overcome the fillers that become killer of your verbal delivery. To make your content appealing you must overcome the filler words in your speech like-“um, you know? hhhh.., yaa, so, like, ahh..etc
  6. Smile
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Smile

    Smile often to impact your words even more strongly.  A good speaker smiles to its audience to establish personal touch in the content they are delivering.
  7. Keep Back Straight Not Stiff
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Keep back straight

    Learn to keep your back straight and not stiff as that makes you a true debonair person. To practice a beautiful confident life you need to adapt to habits that make you lead over the other.
  8. Your Head
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Head Position

    Your head should not be high held when delivering a verbal note as it gives an impression you hold a box of attitude. Don’t let your nose point so high that you lose sight of your words. As confidence is the key as over-confidence won’t take you anywhere in life.
  9. Eyes
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Eyes

    Eyes say it all, so maintain an eye contact while delivering your words. To impact better and effective maintain eye contact with the person you interact to communicate effectively and pinpointed effect.
  10. Gesture
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Gesture

    Maintain a body language using your eyes, hands, and body to communicate to the context effectively. Body gesture plays an important role in communication as a wrong body language can kill the spark of a communication altogether.
  11. Strong Voice
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - strong voice

    Voice can make you fall for someone even if they talk less but talk effectively. People with strong vocal cord are future influencers that can make you do what they desire just by using their words accurately.
  12. Humor Bag
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Humor

    A debonair person has a complimentary humor bag that they carry along with them. Their presence lit up the environment and their absence dulls the shine of surrounding. They are irreplaceable species whose presence cant be neglected as they lit up the mood just with their humor dose.
  13. Breath & Relax
    Quality to become a debonair and suave - Breath & relax

    Practice breathing before uttering a word out of your mouth just to ensure your mind is relaxed before deliving your best speech. Great authors,speakers don’t practice cheesy words they just are well grommed at speaking their heart out without fearing judgement of others.

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