How To Help Your Loved One Fight Depression?

Published on: 24/05/18 12:03 PM

Sure Signs That Speak Your Loved Ones Are Not Okay And Begging For Help!

Your loved one might not tell you they need you might be because of your busy schedule or because of your unavailability

They Appear Stronger Than Usual

People who appear stronger than usual undergo a symptom of depression. As 80% of depressed people do not seek treatment even if they are facing it. Don’t be quick to judge instead be attentive and let them be happy.

Don’t Make Them Feel Lonely

A person suffering from depression will never admit the fact that they are suffering. So don’t try to put them  ‘at fault’ position. Try to nurture them with care and love to not let them feel lonely. Be gentle and patient towards them even if they sound corny.

Create Humor Around Them

The best way to kill sadness is to be surrounded with happiness. As its the quickest way to kill sadness like anything. Be apart of their struggle and play an important role by being the humor king.

Treat Them With Respect They Deserve That!

Let your loved one get the respect from you because they deserve it. So don’t find the reason to belittle them instead educate them if they are deprived of some information.

Don’t Take Their Words Personally


A person suffering from an emotional journey will suffer a lot so don’t expect them to be good to you always. s they need to focus more on their mood swings instead of focussing on talking care of others. So be cooperative and patient with them to help them overcome this phase faster. Encourage them to incorporate exercise into their work routine. The person suffering might say you something they don’t mean so its okay to not take their words straight to the heart.

Don’t Let Them Lose Hope

Bad occurring in a person’s life often transform their life into a bad memory. So don’t be upset about bad happening as they happen to make you embrace the good one. Despite anxiety and depression most people choose to suffer in silence and end up becoming victims of depression. So don’t be deprived of Hope as it will grant you what you want when you least expect it. So help your loved ones fight the battle of pain and start believing in love again.

“Remember sadness is always temporary.
This too shall pass.”
– Chuck T. Falcon.

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