I Bet You Never Knew These Things Before! Check Out Some Astonishing Fun Facts

Published on: 5/05/18 4:26 PM

There are many things in this world that you never knew existed. Some weird products, beings, rituals, occurrences, and other astonishing things often make a headline in the local news. People from the other parts of the globe never get a chance of knowing these things. So, we have decided to make you aware of some weird things that actually exist or occur.

Get ready to spend a few minutes with some entertaining fun facts.

Spinraza one of the most expensive drugs!

Biogen company is producing a drug to treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy disease. It is Spinraza that costs up to $750,000 for one-year treatment. This drug is offered to both adult and child patients suffering from a rare spinal disorder.

Banging head against a wall can help you in burning calories!

It would be the most inappropriate way of losing extra body fat but it actually works. You can easily burn up to 150 calories in an hour if you bang your head against a wall. We do not recommend anybody to try it because it would be the most painful way of burning calories.

Flowers emit less scent when the temperature is high!

Do you know why do flowers produce and emit scents? They do it to draw pollinating insects. These insects help flowers in reproducing the plants of their species. The researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that flowers do not produce an equal amount of scent every time. They emit less scent when the temperature is quite high. That’s why global warming is neither good for us nor for flowers.

A group of crows is called a “Murder”!

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How about this? Murder is a chilling word that also indicates a group of crows. This word is used since the 15th century or before. Crows are noisy and thieving birds. They often fly in groups so A Murder can describe their nature and properties perfectly.

Clive Christian No 1 Passant Guardant is the costliest perfume!

Would you agree to spend $143,000 for buying the world’s costliest perfume? Yes, world’s costliest perfume costs such a large amount. It is Clive Christian No 1 Passant Guardant. It is a special edition perfume 30ml pack that only a few people can buy.

Facebook Addiction Disorder is an actual health issue!

Above a billion people use Facebook every month. It shows how popular this social networking platform is. You might be suffering from FAD if you spend hours on this social networking site. It is Facebook Addiction Disorder which is an actual mental condition. It requires a proper treatment so that the user can resocialize with friends and colleagues.

7 Up used to treat Bipolar Disorder!

This non-caffeinated soft drink was first introduced in 1929. People liked it but many of them never knew that it was also a mood stabilizer. The producers used to mix lithium citrate to help the user in curing Bipolar Disorder quickly.

The eyepatches have nothing to do with the eye injury!

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Many pirate characters occurred in the movies and TV shows with eyepatches. These characters wore eyepatches to hide eye injuries. The real pirates used to wear eyepatches but not because of an eye injury. They used eyepatches to keep one eye in the dark. It helped them in seeing things better during the daytime and nighttime.

Prague owns the world’s oldest astronomical clock!

People during the Medieval Age used the astronomical clocks to gain astronomical information. Most of such clocks are broken or removed. There is only one ancient astronomical clock and that is in Prague. This clock is still working after six centuries. People from all across the globe visit Prague to see this clock.

No! Everybody in England cannot speak English well!

You might not believe it but over 770,000 people in England cannot speak English well. It is true and weird too. Many people from Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Asian nations moved to England for finding jobs. These people cannot speak English very well. The Indians are out of “poor English speaking mob” because English is the 2nd largest used language in India. The Indians are really great English speakers.

There are many other weird things that you might not know. Knowing such fun facts is good for entertainment and also for knowledge. So, keep checking such things on this site.






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