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If Countries Had Tinder Profiles

Published on: 14/02/20 6:06 PM

If Countries Had Tinder Profiles


What if countries had to create a tinder profile? That may not be that astonishing, since countries have to constantly hook up with international organizations like IMF or World Bank for a little foreign aid booty.

What if the economics of seeking and giving financial or any other form of aid was governed by the rules of online dating? What will the profiles of these countries look like?

We did a little analysis and took a little liberty to make these profiles for them. Check them out….

  1. India

India will be India when it comes to having a Tinder Profile

I am friendly with any other country, but I have a complicated relationship with Pakistan. I draw life lessons exclusively from Mahabharata and Bollywood movies.

  1. China

Interested in knowing China's Tinder Profile - Here it is...

I believe in communism and am a super fast learner. I am extremely rich, second only to America, and I have the largest landmass, second only to Russia and Canada.

  1. Pakistan

What if Pakistan had a Tinder Profile

I am interested in making new friends. I keep hurting my friends, and I want to break this pattern (at least I’ll try my best).

  1. Sri Lanka

How tropical the Tinder Profile of Sri Lanka be, if there had been one

I love sea shores and lush green forests. I am a sucker for coconuts.

  1. Vietnam

What would be Vietnam's Tinder Profile

I have been through a lot, wronged by a powerful person. But sticks and stones may break my bones, I am still going to rise, because I am a survivor.

  1. Cambodia

If Cambodia had a Tinder Profile - It would be like...

Helpful and humble. Shy and honest. Simple and thankful to the almighty. These are what I look for in a man, cause these are what I am.

  1. Philippines

If Philippines had a Tinder Profile - What it would be...

I have recently kicked authoritarianism in the gut and welcomed democracy. And I think that is the kind I’m gonna stick to…. Uncontrolling and free.

  1. Japan

What would be Japan's Tinder Profile

I place a great value on knowledge and hard work, and I would like my kind of gal to have the same ethos.

  1. America

If America were a Tinder Profile

The first thing you need to know about me. I’m hella rich and powerful. If we match, you will have to live with the fact that I will always dominate you. Plus, I am a sucker for fast food.

  1. Canada

Tinder Profile of Canada

I support all the good charities and good stances in the world, and I genuinely want world peace.

  1. Mexico

If Mexico were a Tinder Profile

Hook up with me and I’ll hook you up with some cool drugs.

  1. Bhutan

If Bhutan were a Tinder Profile

One thing you need to know about me: I don’t consider myself above or beneath, anyone. and same goes the other way around.

  1. Australia

If Australia where a Tinder Profile - Good Day Mate is all we can say

G’day mate!

  1. Turkey

Whats powerful about me? Well, for starters, I have been able to successfully resist ISIS, despite being their vulnerable target.

Which of these handsome or beautiful bachelors/bachelorettes are you going to date?

Remember, no one is ever perfect.

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