If Insurance Covered Our Breakups

Published on: 30/03/20 9:54 AM

Breakup Insurance

What if we had an insurance policy for breakups? Well, for one thing, the biggest fear in a person’s life will be done away with Loneliness.

If you think about it, why does a person grieve so when his/her girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with them? When I think about it, it is mostly because I keep fixating on the time I spent on that relationship, which turned out to be a waste of time. Yeah of course I suffered the loss of a dear person, but mostly it’s the realization of the loss of time that really gets me.

If there were an insurance policy for breakups, which would, perhaps, guarantee the compensation for all this heartbreak, I would be able to eliminate the staying at home-crying-eating like a panda phase.

This got me thinking….

What would be the scenarios if such an insurance policy existed? Let’s imagine.

#1. Replacement for Ex

Replacement for ex - Breakup Insurance Policy Benefits - If Insurance Covers Breakup

Goodbye heartache! Goodbye worries of a lonely future! After a breakup, when we think of all the time that was wasted, we cry more. But if we could be assured that in case that the person we thought was our soulmate doesn’t reciprocate, we’ll most definitely get a new one, most of the heartache could be done away with.

#3. No Heartbreak

No heartbreak -Breakup Insurance Cover - Policy Benefits

When there is an almost certain assurance that a breakup wouldn’t have a very grave impact on our lives, there will no major heartbreak. We aren’t saying that there will be zero hurt. There will be some…but we’ll still be OK, overall.

#3. No fear of dying alone

No fear of dying alone - Breakup Insurance Benefits - If Insurance Covers Breakup

Each new heartbreak won’t be the end of the world as we know it. If the break-up insurance covers getting a new lover, every new heartbreak wouldn’t become the source of frequent paranoia of dying alone.

#4. No droughts

No droughts- Breakup Insurance Cover - No more Longer dry spell in relationship

Yes, it’s not like it used to rain all the time you were in that relationship. But an insurance policy would protect you from a long dry spell between relationships, by fixing you immediately with a new hook-up.

#5. Breakups and Insomnia

Breakups are typically thought of as purely emotional struggles, there are also tangible effects on the brain and body along with a list of potentially related sleep issues. But an insurance can be a guide that explains the relationship between breakups and insomnia by evaluating how they can affect sleep at night while helping to empower one selves to heal.

#6. No pressure to stay in a meaningless relationship

Toxic relationship - Breakup Insurance-If Insurance Covers Breakup

Sometimes, the thought of your partner being all alone causes you to get out of a relationship that has nothing left to give. But if you had the assurance that someone will be more than happy to pick up the pieces you left, you could go ahead and get out of the bad relationship.

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