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If Months Were Represented By Celebrities

Published on: 14/03/20 10:01 AM

Months Represented Celebrities

What if each month of the year had a sort of Brand Ambassador. What if each of those ambassadors were assigned to a month on the basis of the commonalities between the characteristic energy of the month, and various celebrities.

We tried to look into it, and came to the following conclusions.

Aamir Khan as January represents planning ahead of time-Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

January is the month when we start planning for the New Year, take resolutions, build a year calendar. In short, it is the month of planning, organization. That’s why we have decided to instate Aamir Khan, the most planned and organized celebrity, as the Brand ambassador of January.

Javed Akhtar as February represents artistic and visionary traits -Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

February is the month of experimentation, a concern for the future and social justice. It is denoted by a look towards something that exists outside the self. Who better than Javed Akhtar to denote this month that is a blend of artistic expression.

Ayan Mukherjee as March represents month for dreamers and compassionates - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

March is the month of dreamers and healers, people who are imaginative as well as compassionate.

Kangana Ranaut as April represents fight against truth and fortitude - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

April is the month of resistance, initiative, a fight for the truth and fortitude. Who better to represent this month than Kangana Ranaut, the actress who first called out nepotism and questionable trends in the film industry.

Salman khan as May represents getting the job done - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

May is the month of security, enjoying earthly pleasures and getting the job done. Salman Khan is the perfect candidate for it; as an actor he could have really shone, but he prefers to be a sub-par at best.

June as Ranveer Singh represents versatility and vibrancy - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

June is characterized by versatility and vibrancy.  A will to communicate, collaborate and fly their freak flags is what defines the month of June.

July as Karan Johar represents invest and reward over time - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

July is the month of nurturers; people who like to build a nest and feather it over time. They like to invest and have more than enough time to reap the rewards over time.

Bebo represents drama, excitement and boldness so does August - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

This is the month of drama, excitement and boldness. This is the time when people who wear their hearts on a sleeve, reign others.

September as Amitabh Bachchan represents the perfect example of giving back to society- Brand Ambassador of each month

September is dominated by philanthropists; people who believe in giving back to society. Just like Amitabh Bachchan, who has been known to help out people in their times of need, this month is characterized by a kind energy, the will to do, and prioritize well being.

October as Deepika Padukone represents harmony and coordination - Brand Ambassador of each month

October is the month of beauty. It is the month of balance and peace. The month of October is characterized by harmony and coordination.

November as Tiger Shroff represents intensity and focus- Brand Ambassador of each month

November is the name of intensity and focus. This month is dominated by people with an deep energy, people who can dive deep in everything that they do, whether it be work or relationships.

Why December is Ayushmann Khurana - Bollywood Celebrity Traits- Brand Ambassador of each month

December is the month of adventures. People who are restless find home in this month. The energy of this month inspires us to dream big, chase the impossible and take fearless risks.

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