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If Political Figures were Actually Mahabharata Characters

Published on: 12/02/20 7:44 PM

Mahabharata characters as popular Indian Politicians


Despite my aversion to them, I can’t help but click on the endless fan-made videos about ‘which actors should play Mahabharata roles’ that are featured in my YouTube feed. To be honest, the endless barrage of videos seems like one guy had thought of the idea of making a video on the topic, and the rest simply copied him/her. I say this because every video-maker has used the same actors for the roles.

So in all videos, you see Deepika Padukone playing Draupadi, Ranveer Singh playing Arjun, Prabhaas playing Bheema, Manoj Bajpayee playing Duryodhana, Ajay Devgn playing Karna and of course, Amitabh Bachchan playing Bhishma.

Deciding which actor will play which character in Mahabharata is obviously easy, since the acting capabilities of each actor are known. But what about people who are actors, but not professionally….

……Such as politicians?

Replacing Mahabharata characters with politicians is actually a much more fun, not to mention obvious, thought. Mahabharata is an epic centered on the control of an empire, political greed. Isn’t this epic made for today’s politicians?

  1. K. Advani as Dhritarashtra

Indian Politicians as Mahabharata characters - K. Advani as Dhritarashtra

It’s common knowledge that LK Advani has wanted to become Prime Minister for centuries now. But the seat keeps slipping away from him. In his political career, he has jealously watched in silence nearly hundreds of candidates becoming PM, secretly wishing that someone would make him the top leader out of respect for him or something.

  1. Modi as Dronacharya

Indian Politicians as Mahabharata Characters - Modi as Dronacharya

Dronacharya was a man with great potential, but stuck to the wrong side of the battle. He was a role model for his students, and always taught them to make the right choice, even if he doesn’t make them himself. We feel that Modi, the Prime Minister of India, could really do wonders, if he changed his agenda.

  1. Amit Shah as Shakuni

Master Planner - Indian Politician as Mahabharata Characters - Amit Shah as Shakuni

The master planner, the one with all the tricks. There is no other political figure better suited to this role.

  1. Sonia Gandhi as Kunti

Sonia Gandhi as Kunti - Indian Politicians as Mahabharata Characters

Who better to play the role of Kunti than the devoted wife and mother, Sonia Gandhi. Gandhi is trying everything to secure her family’s clout by trying to make her son and daughter into great leaders. Not many people know this, and many may not agree, but Kunti, like many of her contemporary queens and queen mothers, was very competitive. Women of noble lineage competed against each other to be the most beautiful or poised, so as to attract the attention of kings, and later give birth to healthy sons and daughters and make future kings and queens. Many scholars believe that Kunti was also that competitive and protective of her position in the kingdom, which would explain some of the shocking things she did, like giving up her firstborn but illegitimate son so easily, or asking that same son to not kill her legitimate children in battle. Even though Sonia Gandhi didn’t have to resort to such extremes, she is definitely protective of her legacy.

  1. Mamata Bannerjee as Amba/Shikhandi/Shikhandini

Mahabharata and Indian Politicians - Mamata Bannerjee as Amba/Shikhandi/Shikhandini

The blood-fuelled woman, whose sole purpose in life is to persecute the one man who had wronged her in the previous life. Although we don’t know about what happened in Mamata Banerjee’s previous life, in this life, she seems to be on a blood rampage, specifically against one person. Sound familiar?

Amazing, isn’t it? The more you think about it, the more the premise makes sense, gives a perspective to the whole ‘history repeats itself’ thing, right?

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