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Important Issues That Our Country Needs To Focus Instead Of Irrelevant Issues!

Published on: 27/04/18 5:54 PM

Before the invasion of Britishers in India, it was said that India used to be a rich county and it used to give a tough competition to other nations in terms of growth. But, after Britishers left India, our conditions had gone to so down level that it was very hard for many people to even afford their daily needs.

Today, India is a developing country and like any other developing nation, we too have many problems to get eradicated so we can achieve the “developed” state. But, with the current mindset, we doubt it’s going to take a lot of time than expected. We as a person should focus and divert our anger or frustration towards important issues of the country rather than on small issues like hitting couples on Valentine’s Day as some believe it’s not good for the culture of our country and many other illogical issues like that.

In today’s post, we are going to list down some of the most important issues of our country that we need to look upon right now so we can accordingly act as soon as possible! Let’s check out the list:

1) Corruption Prevails In Our Country!


Now, this is a serious issue which has been in India since long. According to Corruption Perception IndexWell, India ranks on 76 number out of 176 countries. We know this may sound shocking to some but you see for yourself, people like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, etc vanish out of India with  crores of amount. The big question which arises is, who is to be blamed? The system, government or we the people? But at the end of the day, it’s the loss of the…. You know what we are going to say!

2) Doctors Produced In India


This was a very big shocking fact for us too but sadly this is true. In our beloved country, India, 1 doctor treats 1668 people. The ratio comes out to be 1:1668. Irrespective of being the country known for producing most number of doctors, we still have such major issues prevailing in our country. Not only this, the medicos have other issues also related to their protection. You only tell me, is it good to attack the person who is trying to get your condition better?

3) Employment Opportunities In India


Even after so much development in India, we have a lot of problems related to unemployment of people. It’s said even today more than 30% of country’s youth is still under unemployment. There’s no education or proper training being given to them. We are mainly talking about the age group of 15-29 in this case. Another stat reveals that the major, almost 60% of the population is under the age of 35. One more report concluded that by the year of 2019, approximately 77% of Indians will fall under vulnerable employment. This is a clear sign that before things turn out to be more worse, we will have to adapt some reforms.

4) Rapes In India


Rape has been so serious issue of the country that it has been growing and growing since the last few years. Today, we are ashamed to say that Delhi, the capital of India, is also known as the rape capital of India. In the year, 2016, India recorded 106 rapes in a day. On average, 39,000 cases were reported in the entire year. Everyday when we wake up, we can see headlines related to rape cases in news channels or in newspapers. Before this issue goes out of India, we have to implement proper actions and laws in protection and betterment of women in terms of empowerment or anything that concerns.

5) The Overpopulation of India


India is a country which has a population of 1.3 billion and this is a huge number! It’s expected that India will soon cross China’s population. Our country’s population is equivalent to 17% population of the world. Trust me, majority of the issues like rat race, competition, scarcity of resources, etc would get resolved if population rate comes in control.

6) Cleanliness In Mother India


To solve problems related to cleanliness, the government of India has taken many steps and one of the main step being Swachh Bharat. Due to such programs, the condition is getting better of our country but still, this remains a major issue. Till we guys don’t understand that Swacchta should be followed by each and every citizen of India, we are going to continue with the cleanliness issue.


In short, we want to say that instead of focusing on small and some illogical issues it’s better to raise your voice for such big problems of our country which will at the end of the day benefit us only. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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