Why Independent Woman Appears To Be Intimidating?

Published on: 25/05/18 1:30 PM

Are You An Intimidating Women?

Independent woman is empowered, broken yet self-motivated. She doesn’t need a man to back up her life. As she can manage a life without a guy and survive without him like a pro.  As they excel in whatever field they choose for themselves. She is a strong girl with a personality that intimidates others and makes her presence sound as a threat. Here are some points that define the reason behind her appearing to be intimidating?

1- She Is More Than Just Looks

She is an independent woman of substance. That expresses her opinions freely using her mind without fearing being judged. Her words make an impact, not her makeup. Being mature and practical herself she doesn’t crave for attention as she can take care of herself. And don’t need anyone for that reasons, scary-isn’t it?

2- Embrace Her Beautiful Flaws


She is not perfect just like everybody and so is not shy about having flaws in her. As no one is perfect and she knows that already. So she looks for content in a conversation, not unwanted extra information added before the one line statement. Because she hates drama and people who keep poking nose in her business rank first on her hate list. As it’s her life so it should have her rules! She embraces her flaws despite others finding her stupid or crazy, as for her only her opinion matters, not of the world. Her standards and principles don’t open doors for just anybody! For having her you need to satisfy and give those tough test you never gave before as approaching her is not a cake walk. As she can kick your ass in seconds if you asked to forgo her principles.

3- Emotionally Independent

Being an independent woman she carved a path for herself. After seeing all the good and the bad, she has revolved as a warrior that refuses to back down in life. She wishes to be in-charge of her situations and is found breaking stereotypes about women. Being independent, she doesn’t depend on others shoulder to cry. Instead, she’ll comfort herself well being emotionally independent.

4- Can’t Take Shit From People


She can read the mind games you try playing with a smart woman like her. And doesn’t believe in manipulation nor being treated as a puppet in someone’s hands. She is a hard-ass that can kill you with the truth just by talking straight with you that can leave you with deeper wounds. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. So she doesn’t take shit from people who barely know her story but prefer judging her for no reason.

5- She Has Sorted Life, Already

Being an independent soul she is not just making money for herself but because she worked so hard she has kept her plans ready for execution. She is sorted in life as her long-term plans are already in place. So commitment and choosing marriage over her career is never her call. As she is ready to wait for the man worthy of him. And would offer her the commitment she has asking from wrong people that broke her even more.

6- She Is Intimidating


She barely knows the ABCD of that task but she opts for it like a pro. Without knowing the things being a first timer she does those task exceptionally well. As she posses incredible confidence and zeal of doing things that she doesn’t fear failing in that new venture she opted. This confidence and not being afraid of loss puts her as intimidating as she has the power of creating things.

6- Never Seek For Validations From Others

She is fearless about keeping her opinion and doesn’t seek validation from anyone. That makes her the most feared person as she is carefree about others and their opinion about her.

7- She Takes Credit For Her Potential


Independent women go intimidating when she fearlessly speak out her mind. She is proud of her potential so she won’t feel shy about taking her credits earned on the basis of the potential she has. Be it others see it or not or choose to overlook her efforts. But she will take her stand and won’t shy from taking the credit she deserves to be applauded for. As she is never seen pleasing bosses. Instead, she’ll be seen involved in disputes just to help the company grown and not be selfish enough to keep shut. She won’t ever deny her success story and can do anything for improving her living standards and admitting to her mistakes.

9- Won’t Settle For Less Than, What She Actually Deserves

Being aware of her potential she won’t let others define her caliber for her. Patience to wait for the best is something she has mastered like a pro. Independence doesn’t end with earning but it also includes a compilation of freedom in thoughts and perceptions. If you don’t know what she wants- just Ask her out? The benefit of independent women she won’t sit like a dumb. Either you ask her or she will express it herself. Being straightforward she will tell you exactly what you need to know. to exactly know what she expects out of a relationship? She is a Strong girl that is powerful beyond measure.

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