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India Or China Who Has Grown Faster in Last 10 years!!

Published on: 31/07/17 1:18 PM

India Or China

India is said to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world and so does China is called too. In last ten years, the growth of technology, science, and other industries in India is enormous. But, what is India’s growth when compared to China? The fact is a hard sell or authentic we’ll know it further.

You might be wondering why comparing India with China But with any other country in the world. It‘s simple, Both countries have the comparable population and ecological structure. So, without wasting a single second let’s have a look which country has grown more rapidly and trampled other in development in last ten years.

1. GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

India Or China

In 2007, India’s GDP stood at 1.239 Trillion USD while China’s nominal GDP positioned at 3.523 trillion USD. Now, post decade both the countries was named as the fastest developing country. The nominal GDP of Both the countries has registered an exceptional growth. In 2017, India’s GDP has taken a hike at 2.45 trillion USD while China stands at 11.8 trillion USD. In short, India is way far behind China. The China’s per annum GDP growth rate is almost 20% while India’s per annum GDP growth is not even touching 10%.

2. Public Health

India Or China

Even after having a population greater than that of India the growth of China in public health condition is far better than of India. The percentage of fewer than 5 children dying was 2.2 that rolled down at 1.1 in 2015. While on the other hand, India’s rate in 2015 was 4.8% earlier that was 7.2% in 2006. Slight growth of India in public health statics has left the country in scrap.

3. HDI (Human Development Index)

India Or China

Human Development Index is UN’s effort to measure the growth of country on the total. HDI covers every characteristic of the country to measure the growth of the lower sections of every nation’s civilization. India has lackluster growth in its economy that HDI’s graph explains very well. Here very shocking thing about India’s HDI is that despite growing from 0.619 to 0.624 in last ten years, India has rolled down three places and stands 131st rank globally. On the other side, China’s HDI had a down fall from 0.777 in 2007 to 0.738 in 2017 and though they are heading us at 90th rank.

4. Technology

India Or China

In 2016 development manifestation India ranked 138th in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) while China stood at the 81st rank. However, both the countries have taken a huge growth in the technology sector. But still, China is ahead of India. In 2007, around 33% of China’s population had a mobile phone and 10% had an access to the Internet. While in India nearby 3% the total population had an Internet access. At present only 34% of the total population uses the internet while 52% of China’s population uses the internet.

5. Industries:

India Or China

In 2005, Industries had a share of 72.8% in China’s GDP. At present, it has rolled down to around 48% which symbolizes a balanced economy as the services sector has managed to balance the industrial sector. In India, Industries sector is been overshadowed by the service sector and led India’s economy remains unbalanced. The growth rate of India was still at around 7% that has fallen down to 5 % post demonetization.


India Or China

India has made a rapid growth in its Infrastructure sector as well though the growth rate still stands on China’s side even when China has declined in the growth of China’s infrastructure sector. As per a report by World Economic Forum for 2015-16, India still positions behind China in terms of expenditure on infrastructure. However, we have grown in this sector but not that much.

7. Population Control:

India Or China

India’s policies on population control were kept indulgent while China went on level ahead to control their population rate. In 2006 China’s population growth rate was 0.52% that dropped down to 0.46% in 2016. Though being lenient India’s population growth dropped rapidly from 1.52% in 2006 to 1.2% in 2016 and managed to control population better than China.

However, India needs to grow more and faster to beat China. What you think how India can beat China??Share your views !!

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