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Indian Athletes Who Lost Their Lives In Sports Tragedies !

Published on: 13/08/17 6:21 PM

Three Indian Sports stars who have lost their lives on the field. Here are the Four Indian Athletes Who Lost Their Lives In Sports Tragedies

Life is indeed very wonderful and we should always appreciate it. We should always count every blessing because we never know when they shall be taken away. The rich sports history of India is really making everyone feel proud but is never full of red stains. A Misplaced wire, a misplaced step or even a misjudgment can even take away the life of flexible athletes too. We would like to honour Vishal Kumar Verma, who just passed away and all the other Three Indian Sports stars who have lost their lives on the field. Here are the Four Indian Athletes Who Lost Their Lives In Sports Tragedies.

1. Raman Lamba


Raman Lamba was one of the iconic youths when he started playing cricket and scored a century and two fifties against Australia. However, a tragic incident happened with him on February 20, 1998, when he started playing in Dhaka's Premiere League. 


He was fielding in the short fine leg position when the batsman hit the ball hard which smashed his forehead. The ball deflected directly to the wicketkeeper and he was declared out. However, Raman Lamba was still able to pick himself up and went straight to the dressing room. He was admitted directly to the hospital but he survived for only three days more.

2. Peter Biaksangzuala


Is scoring a Goal worth risking your life? Peter Biaksangzuala scored a goal in Mizoram Premier League and tried to imitate Miroslav Klose. While celebrating the goal, Peter Biaksangzuala tried to do a front flip while he hurt himself.

In attempting to do so, he lost his balance and injured his spine. From there on, his condition worsened and was rushed to the hospital. Peter completely hurt himself and suffered fatal injuries. 


Though all the doctors tried to keep him alive but failed to do so. Before he passed away, peter asked the Doctors to donate his eyes, if in case he dies.

3. Ankit Keshri


Ankit Keshri was on his way to being one of the most promising young cricketers. He has also captained East Bengal U-19 cricket team and was very close to wearing the Blue Jersey of the nation. 

Ankit Keshri was playing for formidable Club East Bengal at the Eden Gardens when he was rushing to take a catch. He collided with his teammate, Sourabh Mondal while taking the catch. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing briefly. 

A few days later, the Doctors of the hospital confronted that Ankit has lost his life. Even the God of Cricket Tweeted in honour of Ankit Keshri.

4. Vishal Kumar Verma


Vishal Kumar Verma was another promising wrestler who lost his life in Ranchi. The 25-year-old national level wrestler lost his life due to a freak accident. According to a report in the Telegraph, Vishal Kumar Verma lost his life being electrocuted in the bathroom.

The wrestler was electrocuted when a loose wire hanging from the wall made a contact with the flooded bathroom. The State Wrestling Association has announced a Rs. 1 Lakh Compensation for Vishal's Family.

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