Food Habits Of Your Favorite Celebrities That Makes Them One Of A Kind!

Published on: 22/04/18 2:34 PM

What’s Their Favourite Food ??

Food has undoubtedly been the first love of every person on this planet. It’s not only a mood changer but a fuel for a hungry stomach. Don’t be astonished as celebrities can also be big time foodie just like all of us. So, let’s scroll through a list of food items that our beloved celebrities fall head over heels whenever it appears in front of them. Try not to fall for the tempting list of food items, as it can make your mouth watery making you feel hungry.

    1. Aamir KhanMughlai Cuisines Favorite Meal of Aamir Khan

      Do you know that our so-called Mr. perfectionist of Bollywood-Aamir Khan is also a good chef? Yes, he is. He loves to cook and his favorite cuisine is Mughlai cuisine. Tempted to eat it just by watching it?

    2. Akshay KumarIndian Celebrity Akshay Kumar loves Punjabi food

      Action king of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is also a big-time foodie. Yes, he loves eating homemade Punjabi food and Thai green curry when he is on his cheat day. Surely you too might be having a cheat day when you eat your favorite ditching the diet you follow.

    3. Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt Loves Continental Dishes

      The Cute girl of Bollywood Alia know for her acting and looks is like a common girl. She loves baked beans, grilled tomato, and continental food when she is in food mode.

    4. Anushka Sharma Eating Habits of Anushka Sharma - Loves Street Food

      Beauty with diverse acting skills makes Anushka one of a kind. She is a foodie at heart that loves desi food the most. Her favorite food is “Chat” that she eats from street style vendors in Dehradun. But her favorite food is the Butter Chicken that is made by her mother only.

    5. Deepika Padukone

      Food Habits of Deepika Padukone - Upma, Poha, Dosa
      Deepika is not only a diva but a fighter queen of Bollywood. Being a south Indian girl doesn’t restrict her from not calling her a foodie. As she loves food and her favorite food includes-Dosa, Poha, and Upma which she includes in her morning breakfast itself.

    6. Hrithik Roshan Samosa - Hrithik Roshans Favourite Dish

      World’s most handsome crowned actor-Hrithik Roshan is loved for his dance and fitness. To everyone’s surprise, his favorite food is “Samosa”. Yes, he is madly in love with the samosa. And can eat a dozen of samosa in one shot.

    7. Salman Khan Salman Khan loves Mutton Biryani

      Salman Khan is the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. But he is a homemade food lover. He loves food cooked by his mother. His favorites include – rice, mutton, some salad, sweet and salty aam ka aachar too.

    8. Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor's favourite Ghar ka Khana

      The chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor is loved for his acting and looks. To his food list of favorites cuisines it, include- Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. He believes nothing can beat the ‘Ghar ka Khana’. Shahid loves his father’s cooking and is happy to share that his father makes the best rajma-chawal in the world.

    9. Kareena Kapoor Kareena Kapoor likes Indian Thai and Italian Cuisines

      The beautiful dive of Bollywood Kareena popularly know as Bebo. Food is love for her and so her favorite food includes-Pasta Indian, Thai and Italian.

    10. Sonam Kapoor
      Favourite Food of Sonam Kapoor - Thai, Japanese, Vietmese

      Fashion queen Sonam Kapoor and an actress about to announce her wedding bells are also a big-time foodie. She loves “Paw bhaji”. Her favorite cuisines include Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese, and she loves Bengali food, especially- mustard fish, and Cholar Dal.

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