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Number Written On Coaches Have A Story To Reveal

Published on: 3/02/18 12:55 PM

Story About Train Coaches Leaked
Secrets of Numbering Coaches Indian Railways

The lifeline of India in terms of travel has been “Trains”. even after the existence of various modes of traveling through cars, buses, and plane, there are people who prefer trains. Most of you must’ve traveled by train at least once or even more than once for some, haven’t you?? You might have observed visible compartments while waiting for a train or while boarding a train. So, whenever we travel through a Indian railways train, there’s always a number visible on the  compartments and in front of the engine Have you ever wondered what does that mean?

Number Written On Coaches Have A Story To Reveal
Don’t worry if you didn’t observe it. I am going to share with you what does the first digit and the number mean and the whole sequence. Well, that’s a very important number and carries a great significance especially the first digit. In this article, we’ll share the significance of that 1st digit and the number and what does the whole sequence actually means.
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Coach Number Starting from 0
Train coach starting from Zero- Denotes Train that runs on special occasions like Holidays, Holi or Diwali.

Coach Number Starting from 1
Train coach starting from One- Denotes Train that is long distance.

Coach Number Starting from 2
Train coach starting from Two- Denotes Train that runs for long distance and is used when train numbers starting from 1 is exhausted in any series of trains.

Coach Number Starting from 3
Train coach starting from Three- Denotes Train that runs from Kolkata Junction.

Coach Number Starting from 4
Train coach starting from Four- Denotes Train that runs between metro cities like Delhi, Chennai.

Coach Number Starting from 5
Train coach starting from Five- Denotes Train that runs for normal passengers.

Coach Number Starting from 6
Train coach starting from Six– Denotes Train that is MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) trains.

Coach Number Starting from 7
Train coach starting from Seven- Denotes Train that is DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) trains.

Coach Number Starting from 8
Train coach starting from Eight- Denotes Train that defines the reserved position of the train.

Coach Number Starting from 9
Train coach starting from Nine– Denotes Train that runs between Mumbai’s suburban areas.
The first two digits of a sequence represent the manufacturing year of the train. Like a train with number 05052 means that it was manufactured in 2005. A train with the sequence 8239 means it was made in 1982.

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