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IndiGo Flight Pass The Buck Of Responsibility Taking Passenger To Nagpur Instead Of Indore

Published on: 19/01/18 12:05 PM

IndiGo – Is it really the way to go?

Indigo Airlines Security Goof Up - Indore bound Passengers travels on Nagpur Flight

IndiGo is giving cheap thrills to passenger with their carelessness.
How can someone be so irresponsible? It sound like a nightmare..!!
Isn’t it scary to imagine boarding a wrong flight and without a ticket checking landing to a totally new place.
Indigo Airlines making news for all the wrong reasons

Recently Airlines has been on “deaf ears” and have put a passenger having boarding pass of Indore flight on a Nagpur flight.
Without a checkpoint indiGo managed to take him to a destination he never intended to visit at first place.Inappropriate Behavior from Indigo Airlines Employees

IndiGo has initiated an investigation

The passenger was scheduled to travel to Indore on IndiGo airline’s flight 6E 656.
At the time of check-in, he was given a boarding pass for the same flight. However, he boarded the aircraft which was bound for Nagpur and none of the airline person noticed this goof-up.”
Indigo Airlines Security Gaffe

IndiGo apologies and regret the breach done

“IndiGo regrets the security breach intercepted by its security staff on flight 6E 774 (DEL-NAG), wherein a passenger of flight 6E 656 (DEL-IDR) wrongly boarded the flight 6E 774 and further traveled to Nagpur, after boarding the wrong coach.” Parties found guilty are namely-security lead, second lead, and skipper, who let this incident happen and choose to risk safely of passenger. Some claim that these people are taken off the airline till internal inquiry is completed.
Putting passenger and Flight safety at risk is not justified in air travel?
Indigo airlines its time to fasten your seat belts

IndiGo it’s really time to go

Overlooking won’t solve anything. Better start taking measures and put an end to threat of traveling via flights in passengers mind. Don’t let innocent lives bear consequences of your negligence.

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