Interesting Facts That Everyday Objects Tried Conveying Us!

Published on: 24/05/18 1:47 PM

Do You Know What Everyday Objects Used To Convey?

After reading this, you can relate to every item as you might have encountered these once in your life. Let’s see what these things wanted to convey non-verbally to us.

1- Why Does The Blue Side Of Rubber Appears Mystical?


You might have heard this from your childhood that the blue side could erase pen ink. But do you know what kind of paper makes it works? No. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you. It can work on strong thick paper, not on a delicate paper. That was the reason behind paper getting torned on rubbing ink of fragile paper.

2- Why Is The One Side Of  Bobby Pin is Zigzag?


Do you know why one side of the bobby pin is zigzag? No, not for shaping your hards, definatley. That’s an easy guess pal! The straight bottom of the pin goes in the hair-facing the scalp while the zigzag side is the upper side facing the roof of your house. It helps in keeping hold of hairs better as compared to the normal clip.

3- What Is The Reason Behind Hole In The Cap Of Ballpen?


The hole on the cap of the pen is a safety feature. AS these holes protect the ballpoint pen ink from drying out. This hole helps in maintaining pressure and prevents it from leaking. So avoid chewing the cap of your pen as it might dry the ink of your pen faster than the cap that is not chewed.

4- Why do Airplane Window have Little Holes?

If you have traveled via air you can relate to this pretty well. Do you know why airplanes have a little hole in their window? Its basically for two reasons- The first reason is to compensate for air pressure. On cruising altitude, there is a huge pressure difference from inside and outside of the plane. So to regulate this difference of in and out plans and prevent the window from fogging.

5. Why is That Extra Piece Of Clothing Given With A Cloth Purchased?


Do you know why do we get a small piece of cloth with our purchase of a clothing? You might have thought it’s for adding sleeves or going for some designs inserted in your dress. No, pal that’s not true, unfortunately. The reason for giving that extra piece is for your test, yes you heard it right. It’s for testing stain removers to check on the color and fabric durability with you prior its used by you.


6- Why Do Canes Have Small Hole In Their Opening?


You might have come across this but still might not know the reason behind such design. Right? Don’t worry we have an answer to your question? The hole on the opening of the can is usually for inserting a straw and go handy with it while holding it.

7- Why Is School Bus Always Yellow In Color?

Most of us have observed this, I guess, but how many of you know why school buses are always painted Yellow and why not green or red? Its because when we are looking straight for an object we tend to identify one color faster than the list of color, any guesses? Yes, its none other than yellow color. It’s a color that cates your eyes faster than any color and so we can catch our bus coming from a farther distance.

As per scientist-
“Lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.24 times greater than for red.”

As school buses carry a lot number of children so its necessary to keep children free from accidents. As yellow color allows people to see a bus easily, therefore, it helps in avoiding accidents. And this color can be easily identified in Fog as well allowing the school authority to keep the safety of students intact.

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