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iOS 11: Is The Much Awaited Apple Update Worth The Expectation?

Published on: 19/09/17 5:03 PM

With some minute changes, iOS 11 is now better and stronger than ever.

Apple has always been a step forward in terms of technology. It has made a niche for itself in the world of technology. After being introduced on June 5, 2017, Apple is releasing its all-new iOS today. Apple has launched its trio, iPhone X, iPhone8 and iPhone 8+ with the latest update, and if haven’t updated to a new phone, no worries, your iOS will also get updated today to iOS 11. With some minute changes, iOS 11 is now better and stronger than ever.

Here are the latest updates of iOS 11 that you can’t afford to miss if you are a true Apple fan. 

SIRI Gets Smarter

With the new update, SIRI can do a lot more than before. From enhanced voice to translation, here are all the new features of SIRI you will get with iOS 11.

  • You will now get follow-up question suggestions from SIRI for your search result.
  • Multiple search results have been enabled to minimize errors as much as possible.
  • From French to German, English to Italian, SIRI has come up with a whole new package of translation.
  • Enhanced Male and Female voices. Choose the one you prefer.
  • No more web-accessible. It's now between you and your device.
  • SIRI can now blend with third-party apps as well. So, now you can use SIRI to pay your bills or to book a ride. 

Camera App Gets Better.

The new camera app is loaded with new features. From long exposure to saving a frame from a live photo, you can do a lot more with the newly updated camera app. Here are the new features of the app.

  • All new compressed technology will help you to save new high-quality videos in smaller sizes.
  • Make a movie by looping a live video.
  • Save a frame from any live video.
  • Trim and edit live photos.
  • Take a clear and detailed photo of moving objects with the new long exposure update. 

All In One Control Panel.

Yes, now instead of the three panel in iOS 10, it has been shrunk into a single panel in the all-new iOS 11.

Get Notification On The Lock Screen.

Now you don’t need to unlock your phone again and again to read the notifications. You can now simply scroll through the notification right from the lock screen without any hassle. 

Message Syncing Gets Better.

  •  iMessage sync is now much more balanced. Now if you delete a particular message or a whole conversation, it will get deleted from all the other synced devices.
  • Get stickers and like all in one place in the new app drawer in iMessage.

The All New Apple Pay.

Now transfer money or pay with from iMessage with fingerprint authentication. It’s available across all Apple devices as well as in Apple watch too. 

Indoor Maps.

With the updated map, you can now get maps of indoor too. From floor map to lanes, you can now get it all in the Apple maps. Never get lost in a museum or palace again. 

Driving Mode.

Turn on the Do-Not-Disturb mode and your device will turn off all the notifications so that your eyes don't get distracted from the road while driving. The auto-response feature will also notify others that you are driving. No more distraction while driving with the all-new iOS 11.

Multiple Music Playing Option.

Yes, that’s right. Now you can play music from different speakers at the same time with Apple music. The multiple music playing options isn’t restricted to Apple music. This feature is supported in third-party apps too. 

Renovated App Store.

The new app store is much more friendly. Apps, game and trending apps have now been separated into separate tabs.  No more hassle to find your favorite app in the store. 

A New Life For iPad With iOS 11.

iPad is now taken to a whole new level with the iOS 11. Here are the new features added for iPad you should know.

  • App-switcher which will help you to drag-and-drop text, image, etc.
  • More space added in-app dock so that you can load more apps. You can now open the apps by simply dragging them up from the dock.
  • Ease access to punctuation and numbers without changing the view.
  • All-in-one app that stores all your files and folders in one place on your iPad.
  • Draw and sketch your heart out with the Apple pencil that allows you to do mark or draw anything you like. 
  • Notes app that supports in-line drawing, handwriting recognition with the Apple pencil.

Now make the most out of your Apple device with the all-new iOS 11 releasing today.

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