Is Mohammed Shami Really a Cheater or His Wife is a Conspirator?

Published on: 8/03/18 3:20 PM

It was a huge blow for all the Indian cricket fans, when Hasin Jahan (Mohammed Shami’s wife) has accused Shami of having extramarital affairs. Not a single cricket fan would have imagined that Shami is a playboy, as Shami’s wife is saying now. She has shared an array of WhatsApp chats and social media chats to point out how perverted her husband is. Let’s check out the whole matter to dig deeper into the main controversy.

How did the controversy start?

Mohammed Shami is an important asset as a fast bowler for the Indian cricket team. He travels a lot and that’s why his wife had not idea about Shami’s secret smartphone, which was gifted by Delhi Daredevils during 2014 IPL.

Indian Cricketer Shami Adultery Charges by Wife Hasin JahanSource

She has recently found it hidden in Shami’s car and then what she had discovered was shocking for her. She accessed Shami’s social media profiles and WhatsApp chats to assess how loyal her husband is. What she found was clearly intolerable for her and for any woman who loves her husband.

Infidelity proofs against Mohammad ShamiSource 

As you can see in the screenshots, there are many bawdy messages sent by Shami to some mystery women.


Hasin Jahan has informed media that Shami has made connections with many girls. It seems like she is not lying about it because Hasin Jahan has shared a huge bunch of WhatsApp chat printouts with the media to prove her allegations.

She accused Shami’s family of Domestic Torture:

Mohammed Shami and his wife have appeared many times in TV interviews. They used to seem a perfect couple. Both had appeared on India TV recently to spread some light on how beautiful their life is as a couple and as parents. Shami’s wife had no issues with her husband or his family at that time, but now her thoughts are completely different.

Hasin Jahan has said that her husband has mentally tortured her and beaten her after returning from Dubai. According to her, Shami was enjoying an erotic date with his Pakistani girl friend in Dubai’s hotel. She further stated that Shami’s family has been torturing her mentally and physically for last two years.

Hasin Jahan has revealed so many other things which indicate now she is not in the mood to bear the domestic violence or infidelity anymore. Yet there is only one message from Mohammed Shami regarding this whole controversy. He is saying that all the allegations made by her wife are baseless and it is a conspiracy to spoil his game.

Is it a publicity stunt?

It does not seem a publicity stunt because neither Shami needs public attention nor his wife. Both of them were in news during December 2017, when Shami had posted his wife’s picture in a sleeveless dress. Many Twitter users had called Shami Un-Islamic and slammed him for posting his wife’s image without Burka.

Is Mohammad Shami's Wife a Conspirator Source

Shami stood by her wife against all those trolls and stated that his wife and child are his life. He had won millions of hearts by making this tweet and that’s why neither him nor his wife would try any of such stunt to gain publicity.

So, what will happen now?

Most of the social media trolls, news channels and news papers are predicting that Shami and his wife may get separated now. It seems possible because the way Hasin Jahan has accused Shami of having illicit affairs with different women, now Mohammed Shami’s family may not accept her after seeing all these things. By the way, she has also accused Shami’s mother, father, brother, sister, and sister-in-law of mentally harassing her. She may never agree to live with them, but both Shami and Hasin Jahan have stated that they will not leave each other.

This means, both will talk and sort this matter out like educated people.

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