Is Trump Administration Really Making America Great Again?

Published on: 15/04/18 6:13 PM

It was January 20, 2017, when Donald Trump took oath as the 45th US President. His win was a big surprise for Hillary Clinton and the rest of the world as nobody was thinking that Trump can win the election, except his supporters. But he won, and now he is the leader of world’s most powerful nation.

The Trump Administration has been criticized and praised for several reasons. Many media houses do not like Trump. Therefore they do not miss a chance of mauling at him and his policies. It would be wrong to say that Donald Trump has done nothing during his one year tenure would be wrong. He is responsible for some good and some bad things that occurred in the USA. Let’s find out “Is Trump Administration really making America Great Again?”

Good Accomplishments

1. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

Donald Trump has played a major role in passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and it was a major legislative victory for him. Trump administration worked to pass the Republican’s tax-cut bill that has brought the tax rate to 21% while tax rate was 35% before. This bill reduced the individual rates along with applying some vital breaks. This tax reform is a big achievement for Trump because it is the first major tax legislation passed by the US Congress after 1986.

2. Key Changes in Regulations

Trump is not scared of taking strong decisions. He is ready to remove or change several regulations that “according to him” were strangling the economy. He is removing regulations for the SMBs and also revocating Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico are also some major decisions taken by Trump Administration.

3. Travel Restrictions

Trump Administration -best decisions TrumpSource

Though many people believe it was a bad decision, Trump only tried to save the American jobs and ensure the security. He had banned travelers from 7 Muslim nations. Although, the ban did not last long, still, Trump’s decision is in action. Now the Immigration and Customs Enforcement can also fearlessly deal with illegal immigrants and put them behind the bars or deport them.

Bad Decisions

1. Not Condemning The Alternative Rights

Make America Great Again -Trump's worst decision


Trump Administration’s response to the Charlottesville Incident was shocking for the Americans. People were not expecting the “many sides” response from Trump. The US presidents cannot talk about everything, but condemning the Neo-Nazis is necessary for him. Trump Administration did not take a strong against white supremacists, alt-rights, and neo-nazis. It is a big failure. Trump is responsible to maintain the integrity of the nation and he is not properly doing it.

2. Supporting Roy Moore

Moore is facing molestation charges and Donald Trump does not think he is guilty. His actions conveyed a message that the Republicans do not believe “a grown man can sexually harm a teenage girl”. The Americans will remember it for a long time and it will certainly affect Trump’s image for sure.

3. Wrangling With His Own Party Members

Donald Trump is a Republican politician. He should maintain a good relationship with his party members, but he does not believe in harmony. Trump has attacked the Republicans time and again. Sometimes it seems like he belongs to the Democratic party because of his actions. His wrangling with the Republicans is not good for his political career. Donald Trump is unique just like his methods. He praises foreign leaders, foreign nationals and also speaks about imposing tough business regulations. You cannot predict what he will do next, but the Trump Administration can Make America Great Again.

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