It’s The 46th Birthday Of The Rock, Can We See Him Back In The WWE Ring Again?

Published on: 2/05/18 3:30 PM

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” is celebrating his 46th Birthday today. He is one of those few pro wrestlers, who built a successful career outside the wrestling industry. The Rock had first appeared as the Scorpion King in Brendan Fresher’s The Mummy Returns. He has spent over 17 successful years in the film industry now and turned into one of the highest paid Hollywood actors.

We all know how great performer The Rock is. His movies are grossing a huge amount across the globe. He is going to appear twice on the big screen this year. People would love to see many movies in which Dwayne Johnson appears as the lead character. At the same time, fans are also waiting to see him back in the ring again. WWE would love to welcome back the People’s Champion if he decides to appear in one or a few main events this year.

Why Should The Rock come back to WWE?

It is not about the money. The Rock is earning huge money from his movies. He has successfully managed to appear in one or two movies every year that gross a lot across the world. Vince McMahon’s company may not pay him that much, but his fans are waiting. The last time The Rock returned to WWE, he virtually ended John Cena’s huge fan following.


The Rock Should get back to the ring because he deserves people’s applause. He has a great physique and it is the right to expose who is the fittest man in the ring. Dwayne Johnson has been away from WWE for quite a while. New kids have seen his wrestling videos. Now is the time to show them how the Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow destroys the opponent. People would love it and Vince McMahan’s company will gain a huge profit by featuring the Rock in a few Raw nights.

Who would be The Rock’s opponents if he returns?

It is a tricky question, especially because there are many great contenders now. WWE would like to cash as much as it can by introducing The Rock in one of its PPVs. Of course, WrestleMania is the biggest WWE event but that is too far. WWE needs to find an ideal opponent for The Rock whom he will face in the biggest wrestling event.

WWE has some great scriptwriters. They have created a lot of great promos and gained a huge audience for the live events. The Rock never had a rematch with Brock Lesnar after losing the first title match in 2002. He is the current WWE Universal Champion and The Rock might like to get back what he had lost 16 years ago. It will be one of the greatest rematches of all time.

Can he fight?

We have no doubt about The Rock’s ability to beat and crush the current WWE superstars. Some people might wonder that he cannot fight anymore. These people should check The Rock’s training videos. He is one of the fittest actors in the Hollywood film industry. He likes action and yes, he would love to break some bones in the WWE PPVs.

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