It’s Time To Rectify Errors And Improve Our Grammar !

Published on: 2/05/18 11:00 AM

Let’s Rectify Grammar !

We have been keen on knowing English so much that we tend to commit mistakes unknowingly. So let’s know the areas where we unknowingly commit mistakes that appear to be okay but are actually grammar errors.

1- Year

The grammatically correct way of spelling An Year is “A Year”.

2- Moment

The grammatically correct way of spelling Moment, not Movement. A person is mocked only when they use these words irreplaceably. As a moment in “Now” while movement is “shift.” So you can not say you created movements and not moments. Hilarious isn’t it. 

3- A Lot

The grammatically correct way of spelling is A Lot and Not Alot.

4- Some Years Ago

The grammatically correct way of spelling is Some Years Ago and not some years back.

5-Cope With

The grammatically correct way of spelling is” Cope With” and not Cope Up.

6-Has vs Have

The grammatically correct way of spelling is Have you noticed not has you noticed. Has is used to define singular subjects while have is used to define a plural subject.

7-Compliment vs Complement

The grammatically correct way complimenting someone is a compliment, not a compliment. As Compliment is stating something nice and complement means to enhance something.

8-Effect Vs Affect

While talking about after effects of something we use Effect. But if we wish to explain the influence of something we use affect.

9-Farther and Further

Farther refers to physical distance and further refers to figurative distance. As the example talked about the physical distance of a place it should be written as Farther not further.

10-Principle and Principal

When we talk about a person’s principles we take the correct spelling as a principle but when we talk about something that holds importance its spelled as principal.

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