Jal Neti – A Natural And Highly Beneficial Technique For Curing Respiratory Disorders.

Published on: 17/09/17 12:23 PM

Just Try this for a month and I bet you will thank me for this.

Yoga is a body of knowledge which belongs to India. It not only comprises of techniques like physical excercises but also have various other simple techniques that calms your mind and soul and also replenish it in a more better way. Ancient techniques like Yoga and Ayurveda provides various ways to cleanse your body so that it can function and perform in a more better manner. One of the ancient age old technique that cleanse the respiratory system by removing toxins from the nasal passage is Known as Jal Neti. It is a technique which is fully natural and has been used by Yogis for centuries, in order to prevent respiratory diseases and ailments which also helps them in breathing well .


What is Jal Neti?

Jal Neti is made up of two sanskrit words, JAL & NETI. JAL in sanskrit means 'water' and NETI means 'nasal cleansing'. Jal Neti is one of the six purification techniques of 'Shatkarma' Yoga.      

It is a process of cleansing your nasal path by removing mucous and blockages. 

In this technique water is poured in one nostril and is flushed out through other nostril in order to clean the nasal passage.

It is a perfect way of cleansing your sinuses and to keep the respiratory tract free of dirt and toxins.

The sinus cavities of our body get clogged due to impurities which results in inflammation, infections & other kinds of respiratory disorders.

Benefits of Jal Neti


  • Since it is a natural technique hence their are no side effects.
  • Doing Jal Neti regularly will give strength to your respiratory system by keeping the nasal passage clean and free from toxins.
  • It is very much helpful in conditions like Asthma and help the asthamatic patients to breathe in a more convenient way.
  • It helps you by keeping you away from infections related to eyes, ears and nose.
  • It proves to be helpful during breathing related diseases like bronchitis by keeping the nostril passage clean and clear.
  • This technique proves to be very relaxing during head related disorders like migrane. It has a cooling effect on brain by drawing out excessive heat.

Things you must have before doing Jal Neti Kriya.

Before starting Jal Neti kriya please ensure that you are having following things with you:

1. Lukewarm Water


Take a glass full of Lukewarm water. Quantity may vary as per the requirement.

2. Jal Neti Pot


A Jal Neti pot is a pot having elongated nozzle which is small enough to get inserted into your nostrils easily and gently. Most of the Yoga experts prefer Copper Jal Neti pot as the best to practice this technique.

3. A pinch of salt

Take a pinch of salt and mix it in the lukewarm water and pour it in a Jal Neti pot. 

The Jal Neti Process

  1. This process is best suited to be done mainly in the sitting position as it makes you calm and stable enough to do this process. One can also do this process by either standing or bending in forward direction.
  2. Now insert the nozzle of the Jal Neti pot in your left nostril, in such a way that the cone at the end should be inside the nostril.
  3. Now tilt your head in the right direction and start pouring the water through your left nostril. Tilt the head upto that point till where water start passing through left nostril and flushes out thrrough right nostril. 
  4. Now repeat the same process but this time first pouring the water from your right nostril and allow it to flush out through your left nostril.

Various minor reactions like irritation in the nose, coughing & sneezing could be observed for those who are experiencing it for the first time.

Hey! Now what are you waiting for? Include this highly beneficial technique in your daily life and get rid of various respiratory ailments and disorders.

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