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KeySmart Is A Revolution In The Era Of Smart Key Chain!

Published on: 26/04/18 10:20 AM

KeySmart – The Future of Keychains!

Cool Key Chains

Even after having a keychain you will buy this after knowing its benefit. You might be thinking its a normal keychain but its the revolution in the futuristic keychain. No one is fond of bulky keychains so this smart keychain has a holder to make things easy to handle. It won’t cut your pocket, rather save you when you have locked yourself up in a room. Welcome the KeySmart that is the first to rescue you and allows you to remove fancy keychain for good.

What Is So Special About This KeySmart?

Futuristic Keychains

This is a durable key holder that can hold 14 keys in a compact manner making it durable too. It consists of two 3mm thick plates of aircraft grade aluminum that makes it easy to handle. It can take dents and scratches because it knows it won’t get any as the company guarantees it. Don’t worry about the contents of these keys won’t scratch your phone. The added bonus, you’ll track your keys from a mile away as these are the conventional keychain.

With This Keychain You Get!

Smart Key Chain

The KeySmart Pro has a tile smart locator that lets you track your missing keys on a map, all from the free Tile app on your phone! With the use the Tile app, you can make your KeySmart Pro produce a sound or a tune so that you can find your lost keys faster.

Find your Phone feature - KeySmart

The button on the KeySmart Pro makes your phone ring or even change the mode to silent.

This KeySmart Pro Offers Special Features As-

1-Micro USB Charging Port

Keysmart USB Charging Port

2-Ten Keys


3-LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight - unique keysmart function

4-Bottle Opener And A Loop Piece

functions of keysmart - bottle opener

This product offers  2years manufacturers warranty that makes it replaceable if damaged within a span of two years.
All of these features can be customized on its website by adding accessories like USB drives and bottle openers to it.  The company has a patent on its product- “KeySmart” is protected. This product has a registered trademark of both national and international. Therefore all infringement attract legal proceeding if any. Buy Now.

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