Know Her Well To Befriend Your Mother-In-Law For Lifetime!

Published on: 12/05/18 9:00 AM

Try These Tricks To Befriend Your Mother-In-Law!

Signing a peace treaty with Mother-In-Law is not easy but it’s not impossible, instead. You can seek perks from her when you convince her that you are a maker, not a destroyer. Many mothers-in-law fell less worthy when them bring in a new person to take care of his son. She feels deprived of her powers but that doesn’t give her the right to make things complex for you, just to get her powers back in her control. Let her do the things she wishes to do for her son, without asking reasons for the same.

1. Allow To Let Her Share Problems With You


Every person has treasured some beautiful memories of their childhood, youth, life, and relation with their family members as well as relatives. Interacting with her might give you a concern point where she always wanted her son to improve but he never changed himself for good. And being the special person of his son’s life you can transform his bad into good. And if you could do that for your mother-in-law she might accept you as her daughter and not “bahu.” But remember to not ask questions on topics she is not comfortable answering or sharing with you so early.

2. Do Not Offend Her While Making Your Point!

Be polite when you are trying to communicate your point of view. She needs to know what you expect from your mother-in-law so learn to keep your point without offending her views. If she is listening and ready to give you the things you asked for, pat your back for making her understand your point of view. Don’t be sarcastic or “meethi-churi” as no one likes such kind of people. Learn to make humble statements than raising your voice or being sarcastic with her to make fun of her. If you are a straight person that hates drama cut the crap and tell her you value her, but you have a list of things that need to be understood by your mother-in-law as well.

3. Don’t Lose Your Cool

Why did you and your husband get married? Was it because you are a good cook or he is quick in bringing groceries from the market as quickly as spiderman. Is this the reason? No, right. You married each other because you found what you want from your partner. So don’t prove your worth to anyone, do what your heart says as it will set things right for a long run. If your mother in law expects you to cook best or complains you for not having kitchen manners. Just calm down for a minute and don’t react. But when you see her initiating a conversation tell her, you didn’t study hotel management or perfectionism in a university. It’s you and your husband that accepted each other with plus and minus of both of you. Tell her you are an ambitious girl that is good at taking care of herself and being passionate about one’s dreams, you never had the time to train yourself for a family kitchen. As, you were born to make an impact, not compact tiffin box.

4. Respect Her For The Upbringing She Gave To Your Soulmate

Without her Yes, you would have never moved to this house. So respect her for letting you live with the soulmate you wish to have in your life for a lifetime. She has the knowledge of running a family and managing everything well. Learn to respect her for all the goodness she poured into your better half. But avoid linking the negatives of your husband with that of his mother. As bad habits of guys are driven by peer circle, not necessarily his family.

 5. Add Humor To Your Flaws


Your mother-in-law will not miss a chance to point your mistakes. She does this, as she finds you as a threat to her existence. Your homecoming has dragged some powers from her hand as now you hold those powers. So just say it to her face in a humor way- “why do you always catch me redhanded, maa?”. I know I am not perfect and if I am doing mistakes it simply means I am trying. Please allow me to be imperfect as we all are humans and we are bound to commit mistakes.

6. Comparing Your Two Mom’s

No person can replace the presence of your own mother that the truth. If you keep comparing your mom with your mom-in-law, you can never be happy in your life. Doing so you will not be able to accept the new mom you just got as a gift of marrying your soulmate. So accept her with her flaws and let her know even you are not perfect so you too can sometimes commit blunders. Bridge a bond between you and her that serves a longterm purpose.

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