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Do You Know What Kind Of Personality You Possess Based On Your Fist Shape?

Published on: 25/05/18 5:26 PM

Mine Is First, What’s Your Personality Type??

If you have been inquisitive about knowing what kind of personality you possess, read this. All you have to do is to observe the normal movement of your hand and the formation it does while making a fist. Here are four categories that define your personality, let’s see what are the types?

1. Thumb Placed On Top

If your hand when left loosely grips back to making this kind of fist know that you fall into the first category- thumb placed on top. You always strive to learn more and extract new learning from people and life. You are realistic about life and strong head about what you want from people around and from yourself. Such kind of people is usually caught up in life as they barely have free time. Being selfless you tend to be the first one that helps. And you do more than you say and your simplicity, reliable and kind nature makes people respect and appreciate you more. You inspire and energize people around you that make you a respected leader.

2. Thumb Turned Upwards

When left loosely if your palm grips your hand making this kind of fist know that you fall into the second category- thumb turned upwards. You are modest, knowledgeable and versatile by nature.  As you possess a quick mind you tend to generate countless ideas that appear to be impossible at first sight. You love to discover the world so it becomes difficult to concentrate on one single task as you aim to know it all. People take advice from you as if you are a walking encyclopedia as you have good advice to share. On the inside, you are quite, closed, carefully choose battles to fight and often give best of advice.

3. Thumb Inside

If your hand makes this kind of fist know that you fall into the third category- thumb inside. This kind of people are usually talkative and smart but are not really good at making new friends. People around you feel that you are reserved and glum. When they get to know you they realize you are soft as well as vulnerable. You are blessed to detect the root cause of a problem and know the ways to detect it. Being sharp and shrewd your decisions are precious like a diamond. So, never doubt your decisions as you are good at making one. As you demand too much of yourself that makes you anxious even more. You need someone to understand without words.

4. Thumb To The Side

If your fist makes this kind of shape unconsciously when left loosely know that you fall into the fourth category- thumb turned upwards. You believe everyone chooses a path for themselves but you tend to choose the hard one. As you are practical, earnest, standing upright and know your worth. Your fear of failure restricts you from taking a bold decision. Its the only thing that shakes your confidence bad. So you strive for approval and praise from others. With the support of your loved ones, you can achieve anything. Such kind of people often gets respected for your sincerity, reliability, and sharpness. Your presence makes people happy around you and makes them feel protected.

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