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Know Which Search Engine Is Popular In Your Country?

Published on: 5/05/18 6:05 PM

List Of Search Engines Popular According To Countries!

For anything and everything, we end up looking for the search engine to find answers to our life problems. To deliver our readers with quality content we Beez’s undergo a research of data before we write something. Some engines are so popular that they are synonyms of search namely- “Google.” Countrywise list of the search engine used basis its popularity.

1. Google


The search engine popularly used in India is google.com. Then comes the internet cafe search engine like- bing.com, etc. Around 74.52% of searches were powered by Google and only 7.98% by Bing. Google has around 1,600,000,000 visitors p.m. Isn’t that giant search engine? Our beloved search engine Google has been answering from stupid to important questions.

2. Bing


Microsoft search engine Bing is an attempt to challenge Google in the area of data search. Around 33% users visitors are of the US, that is using this engine. It stands second, in terms of unique monthly visitors.  The search engine has approximately 400,000,000 people p.m. It facilitates sales of the business.

3. Baidu


Its popular in China, and was founded in January 200o by Baidu, Inc. Around 76% population uses Baidu and billions of searches are made per month on this platform. It ranks fourth basis Alexa Ranking. Space is offered to entrepreneurs of China to run their online business, successfully, with the use of this search engine.

4. Yahoo


This search engine is driven by Bing search engine, that means all search result of Bing is displayed at Yahoo as well. Over 56% users are using this engine in Japan, that is also popular in Hong Kong. Yahoo holds a third place after Google and Bing, in the list of search engine. It was introduced in January 1994 and has an estimated unique monthly visitors of 300,000,000.

5. Yandex


In 1997 Yandex launched by a person named Yandex N.V.  Soon after its launch, this engine has become the most used search engine in Russia. Around 62% of Russians, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus are using this search engine worldwide for data search.  It offers real-time search result in form of queries. And is a must for entrepreneurs planning to set up a business in above-mentioned countries, as its a must used platform here.

6. DuckDuck Go


DuckDuckGo is an escape for people who wish to keep their search private. This site promises to take good care of privacy search done by a user and shows same search results to every user. DuckDuckGo is used by almost 13,000,000 visitors per month. Its popular in the USA, and great business platform for budding entrepreneurs. Whereas in the Czech Republic 45% users use Seznam and 73% people of South Korea use Naver.

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