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Kolkata: Man ‘Prevented’ To Enter Mall As He Wore Dhoti, ‘Permitted’ When Argued In English!!

Published on: 17/07/17 11:23 AM


On July 15 a man in Kolkata was barred from entering into a shopping mall as he was wearing ‘dhoti’. According to a Bengali Actress Debaleena Sen, his friend was prevented from entering by security personnel of Quest mall in Kolkata.

Debaleena Sen shared this hateful incident along with two videos and pictures happened to her friend Ashish Avikunthak, a Kolkata based filmmaker on a Facebook post. Later, in no time the post went viral. People shared and expressed their anger against the unfair behavior of malls personnel’s.

Ashish Avikunthak
Ashish Avikunthak

According to Debaleena, the security guards of mall stopped her friend Ashish Avikunthak from entering the mall because of his traditional attire. Later, when he spoke to the security personnel in English he was allowed to enter the mall.

The mall authorities later cleared that they don’t allow to the people in dhoti or lungi to enter in the mall.  Even Debaleena was asked not to record the entire incident. Later, Daleena and his friend walked out from the mall after facing condescension from the staffs of the Quest mall.

Here is what Debaleena wrote in her Facebook post:

Yet another incident. After a series of restaurants it’s now a mall refusing entry to someone. A man wearing a dhoti and kurta was not allowed to enter Quest Mall in Kolkata today. Apparently wearing dhoti or lungi isn’t allowed in this particular mall anymore. This form of racial profiling has induced in our society so much that it’s disgusting. The guards outside stopped him and confirmed with someone over the Walky-talky and then let him enter only because the man in question argued in ENGLISH. When inside we approached the management team there and the man clearly stated that they DO NOT ALLOW people wearing dhoti and lungi to enter. Further more when the manager of the place ( some woman) came in and sat down to talk asked me strictly that I cannot video record anything even though I clearly have the right to record anything in a public space. That’s when we decided it’s best to leave the place to rot.

I feel sorry for the state of our nation today and I’m sorry I WILL NOT KEEP QUIET ANYMORE AND WILL QUESTION THE AUTHORITY!!!

#hatequestmall #racialdiscriminationbyquestmall #boycottquestmall#explainthisshit

People expressed their anger against the unfair conduct of malls personnel’s in comment section her FB post.

Is it appropriate to judge anyone and preventing one from entering in a public place on his dressing?? If we won’t value our traditions than how can we expect it from others?? It seems that we are still rolling under Colonial Hangover. What’s your opinion on this incident share with us!!

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