What Are The Latest Craze Prevailing Among Youth Of India?

Published on: 6/08/18 2:00 PM

Latest Craze Popular Among Youth Nowadays..!

Every year we witness some sort of crazy acts that happen throughout the year. As every generation comes with something new. So every year youth undergo some fad that is adopted by a massive population and worshiped as a trend. Let’s know what are those craze most followed by people.



For some people drinking is a status symbol as they can’t settle without it. Some take it as it is good for health. Kids have been taking it to prove they are smarter than the adults.



The most prominent gesture adopted by people while clicking pictures is the “Pout”. Some people are so used to it, that they end up making this face every now and then.

Bringing Other Down


Apparently, everyone likes to boast, and when that’s not enough they also shit on someone else’s parade. Seen a lot of this in the last few years. Sadly it is also very common in close friend circles. I mean we get it, you are better than everyone else, why do you still have to make fun of others. If you get a high out of this, you need help.

Playing With Emotions


If you are fond of playing with others emotions you can never win in life. As people who practice this as a new craze are the craziest people on earth. That lack the brains of understanding and valuing a real emotion or a person. People practicing this as the new trend never be something in life as KARMA makes them pay for it.

Opinions Without Research


Some people are so quick to judge your life they will make you feel less in no time. These people have mastered the art of pointing fingers on you as they know they can never reach your level. Don’t judge the book before you know the complete story of a person.

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