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Lessons Are Learnt, Now Facebook And Whatsapp Are Featuring Robust Data Safety Solutions

Published on: 3/05/18 5:30 PM

Facebook seems more serious about users’ data safety since the details of Facebook data breach came out. Now people know how Cambridge Analytica used Facebook as a tool to steal user data. CA used an application to attract the users and then gain access to their personal details.

Mark Zuckerberg was recently testifying himself in front of the US Congress. It was a terrible experience for him and we all have watched those videos. Now he has come with some great solutions to prevent the data breach in the future. His organization owns world’s leading social networking platforms and apps. So, the security solutions will be applied to all the social networking platforms.

Changes in Facebook:

Facebook CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” revealed many details in the F8 2018. He was looking a bit excited, probably because of the recent events. Facebook has refused to take responsibility for data leaks. Zuckerberg said that every user was agreed to share his/her details with the app that stole their data. However, it still affected Facebook’s reputation.

Facebook has been the leading social networking site for a long time. It would never like to lose that position. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg made an important announcement regarding data security at the F8 Developer Conference 2018.

Zuckerberg published an important post prior to the conference in which he offered a summary of a new privacy feature.

Today at our F8 conference I'm going to discuss a new privacy control we're building called "Clear History". In your…

Mark Zuckerberg यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, १ मे, २०१८

He introduced Clear History feature. This feature would be similar to the clear history feature of web browsers. The day Facebook will update “Clear History” feature, every user would be able to scrub their cookies and history on Facebook.

You can remove everything uploaded in the past by using this new feature. It is an essential feature because thus no third party application would be able to track your web browsing patterns. Facebook took this action probably to reduce the chances of the data breach in the future.

New updates for Whatsapp:

The European Union had passed the General Data Protection Regulation on 14th April 2016 and it will be enforced on 25th may 2018. Whatsapp will have to comply with GDPR otherwise it will be the violation of EU’s GDPR. So, Whatsapp is introducing a new update according to which the user can request for the account information.

This feature will be available with the new update of Whatsapp. If you did not get this feature on your Whatsapp app yet, it will be available very soon. You will have to update the app as soon as possible to get this new feature.

How to request for WhatsApp account info?

This new feature will enable the users to request a report for their WhatsApp account. The users can also export that report to other platforms. You may get this feature soon with the new update. It may be a bit tricky to use that feature. Follow these instructions and to download the account info.


  • Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone
  • Go to Settings>Account>Request account info
  • Now tap on Request Report option to generate the report
  • You will soon receive a notification that will state “produced report has been sent”

WhatsApp will take minimum 3 days to send the Account Information Report.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced several important things during the annual F8 conference. The main focus was on improving data security on all the social networking platforms owned by Facebook. Facebook will implement all the changes quickly to assure optimum data safety.

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