Lets Know Why Being A Parent And Raising The Child Of Next Generation Is Not A Cake Walk?

Published on: 22/07/18 8:58 AM

Growing up as mature adults and then taking up the roles and responsibility of parents is not less than a sacrifice. As you start understanding the importance of loving someone more than yourself. Only a parent can understand why raising a child of the next generation is way difficult than climbing a mountain. On this Parents Day, let’s rewind the what it takes to be PARENTS. 

Your Smile Can Make Them Fight The World For You

parents role and sacrifice

This day is celebrated to promote the importance of parenting role that requires- investment, care, focus, and commitment. You can’t expect a child to grow fast as soon as they are born. No, it needs patience and persistence to address the need of the child with growing age. Parenting is not a one-man show. As it needs mutual efforts and an equal share of responsibility on both parents to raise a child with good upbringing.

For A Parent Sacrifice Go Easy In The Name Of Child

significance of parents in our life

God Couldn’t Be Everywhere, So He Created PARENTS- “Happy Parent’s Day” To Every Parent..!! A parent plays an important role in our life. As they not only support us physically, financially and in career development but also support us emotionally. Best gift given by God to us in human form is parents as for them our happiness is everything.

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Parenting Secrets That They Never Let You Know?

  1. Your parents have fought battles you never cared knowing about. Ask those secrets from your parents and you’ll love your parents for giving you this life.
  2. They value like no one can and love you tonnes more than you claim about loving your own self.
  3. It equally hurts them when you talk rude or reply disrespectfully to your parents.
  4. They can set you free and let you leave home for your career but it equally hurts them to see you go, as they literally count days for your homecoming.
  5. Your parents eagerly wait for your call despite pretending they don’t miss you but trust me- They Do.
  6. The only nightmare of a parent is to lose you or see you go.
  7. For your demands, your parents have given up on buying clothes for themselves just because your happiness is above their happiness.
  8. Being a parent of girl child goes more difficult as such parents raise you with good upbringing but have to send you with someone expecting he would care for her just like they did for her daughter.
  9. Never make your parents feel unwanted as they live for you and the day you make them feel- they’ll die on the inside. So love them and treasure them for a lifetime.


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