Life Of SANJAY DUTT Is A Journey Full Of Thick And Thin..!!

Published on: 14/06/18 12:10 PM

Do You Know About Sanjay Dutt’s Life..?

Many people might have copied Sanjay Dutt’s actions but have failed to know about knowing this Superstar. He has lived a life full of struggle that makes you embark on his journey. Let’s see what made his journey full of thicks and thins that a movie is soon about to hit theaters?

Glimpses Of Sanjay Dutt’s Personal Life

First Marriage

Richa Sharma - First Wife Sanjay Dutt - Bio


Sunil Dutt and Nargis gave birth to a child that was a gift to Bollywood in form of Sanjay Dutt. His birth led to the birth of an actor. He is a devout Shaiva Hindu that is into reading holy scriptures and theological works. In 1981, he lost his mother just before his debut film’s premiere. Later in 1987, Dutt got married to the actress Richa Sharma. And gave birth to a daughter, Trishala, in 1988.  Unfortunately, in 1996 he lost his wife to the brain tumor. And soon after that, his daughter was taken away from him, as he lost her custody being charged with cases under TADA Act and drug addiction. His daughter lives in the United States with her grandparents.

Second Marriage

Rhea Pillai - Ex-Wife Sanjay Dutt

After facing so much in his past life, his life found a way again and as a result, he got married to a model named Rhea Pillai in 1998. Seems like joy was the blue mood of his life. In 2005, he got divorced from her being arrested as well as jailed due to his alleged involvement in TADA bomb-blast case in Mumbai. That includes illegal possession of firearms.

Third Marriage

Manyata Dutt - Third Wife of Sanjay Dutt

After dating Manyata for two years, Dutt married her in 2008 that was a private ceremony done in Goa. On 21 October 2010, he became a father of twins- one boy, and one girl. But, Sanjay’s ‘Never Give Up’ motto in life led to a great comeback. That went evident with his back-to-back box-office hits. His career started to climb up the ladder with his increasing maturity and versatility through his acting in films.

Trishala Discovered A Heart Touching Note Written By Her Mother Just Before Her Death-

Letter from Trishala's Mother - First Wife of Sanjay Dutt

Heart Touching Note-

Trishala Dutt - Daughter of Sanjay Dutt

His Blockbuster Hits
Blockbuster Hits - Sanjay Dutt Bio

Sanjay Dutt has raised himself amongst India’s Top Ten List Of Most Influential Personalities. And has also won many awards for his stupendous Acting Skills and his dedication to film industry.

His Award Gallery Includes-

Awards & Recognitions - Sanjay Dutt Bio

This makes it evident why a movie SANJU is needed to be made on him? He lived many lives in just one life. Kudos, for fighting all odds like a fighter and turning up as a Superstar of Indian Cinema.

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