List Of Offbeat Items Made From Gold That Are Crazy Creations Of Human !

Published on: 20/04/18 4:20 PM

We Bet List Will Make You Go Crazy!

Here is a list of items that are created by some dynamic and extraordinary people. Knowing the list of items will make you go crazy.

1-Air Jordan

Air Jordans made of gold - crazy creations

These are Air Jordan (Nike) sneakers in New Orleans, USA. Being breathtaking beautiful these gold sneaker deserves 10/10 stars.

2-Ferrari Car

ferrari car made out of pure gold in chelseaSource
A Ferrari car standing at Chelsea London (UK). Wow, this is just adorable. Can’t take off eyes from this heart stealer. This creation totally deserves 9.5/10 stars.


golden shoe stand priced At $.41000 in china

This beautiful shoe stands upright with its weight not more than two pounds in a store in Shenyang, northern China. Its priced At $.41000 which is designed by few stylists and some artificers too. This creation is totally deserving of 9.5/10 stars.


pure gold mask of Darth Vader in tokyo
This is a pure gold mask of Darth Vader displaying glamor in Ginza Shopping District, Tokyo. And this creation deserves 8/10 star.

5-Gold Dress

marvelous gold tiara and wedding dress in tokyo
Here comes a beautiful model wearing a marvelous gold tiara and a “woven wedding dress.” A former designed by Tanaka and later designed by Yumi Katsura. This dress is gracing beauty in Tokyo being priced at $900,000 in Japanese. It totally deserving of 8.5/10 stars.


diamond studded gold cricket ball in Australia - crazy things made of goldSource
This diamond studded gold cricket ball is a treat to the eye. Its a rare studded ball contains 2704 diamonds which was brought to Australia for welcome the start of cricket season in Melbourne, Austrailia. This deserves 8/10 star rating.

7-A Gold Plated Car

gold-plated Infiniti G37 in ChinaSource
This gold-plated Infiniti G37 steals the show at a jewelry store stealing attention in Nanjing, China. This breath-taking beauty rules this store sale with its glamor. And totally deserve a 7.5/10 stars.


Car made out of 5 kg gold

Five-kilogram car having dimensions of 11 inch*30cm is stealing the attention of its audience in Shenyang, China, and deserve 7/10 star.

9-Toilet Seat

Weirdest Gold Creations - Golden Toilet SeatSource
Can you guess what is the price of this rich toilet..?? This royal seat is fixed in Hong Kong valued at 4.8 million. It deserves an 8/10 rating.

10- Gold T-Shirt

Gold T Shirt Outrageous
Dutta Phuge an Indian businessman got shot posing a gold T-shirt. The shirt costs $ 19,000 and deserves to be rated 7/10.

11- Wheelchair

Golden WheelchairSource
This wheelchair goes lucky with the person in this image. Yes, its the publisher of Hustler Magzine- Larry Flynt that came seated in a golden wheelchair to vote for elections in California, 2003. It deserves a 6.5/10.

12- Mobile Phone

Cool and Outrageous Gold Plated Cell PhoneSource
This gold-plated cell phone was displayed in Moscow Millionaire Fair in Europe to define the most exclusive and trend-setting lifestyle fair, and deserves a 6/10 rating.

13- Coffin 

Gold Coffin - Crazy Creations


It’s a solid wood covered with 24-carat gold displaying a beautiful box for death that breaths in Verona Fair in  Itlay costing $ 4,00,000. This creation is totally deserving of 6/10 stars.

14- Chocolate

Cool Expensive Gold Chocolate

This Wispa chocolate bar is the most expensive chocolate bar placed in London. This bar went on sale for $1608.22 in England. You might love chocolate but this one ranks amongst the most expensive chocolates. Creation is totally deserving of 5/10 stars.

15- Calendar

Gold CalendarSource

Tanaka jewelers made a calendar of 13.2 lbs (6 kg) of pure gold at companies shop in Tokyo. The calendar values  $287,000 and is deserving of 5/10 stars.

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