Do We Have INDIAN On This List Of “Top 10 World’s Most Powerful People”?

Published on: 10/05/18 11:03 AM

Who Are The Top 10 Powerful People Around The Globe?

Do we have India On this list? Here is the list of most influential people around the globe based on the Forbes List. And We are sure this list will surprise you at the 9th position.

1.Xi Jinping- General Secretary, Communist Party, China


From being the leader of world’s most populated country China, Xi Jinping evolved as a person of value to China. The Parliament of China amended the constitution in March, to broaden Xi’s powers and removing the term limit. This man is credited with the slogan Chinese Dream – “a set of personal and national ideals for the advancement of Chinese society”.

2.Vladimir Putin- President, Russia

Since 2013-2016 Putin has been consistently voted as the world’s most powerful person four times. Russia’s president has influenced not only its people but has impacted the world. His influence stems from Europe dependency on Russian oil and gas. In an investigation of Trump’s campaign, it was found that he had a relationship with Russian officers during his elections. Although Trump and Putin both denied the allegation. But Facebook admitted to political ads purchased by the Russian organization to make 126 million Americans watched it.

3.Donald TrumpPresident, United States

He is the first billionaire President in January 2017 and the history of US. Trump is the owner of a golf course, a winery and has licensed his name to companies around the world. He made two of his elder brother namely- Don Jr. and Eric to run their family business when he was busy in the office.

4.Angela Merkel- Chancellor, Germany


She was born in 1954 in Hamburg. In 2005 Merkel became the first women, Chancellor of Germany. Now she is serving her fourth term as a Chancellor. She strives for Germany’s economic growth. With her constant efforts and dedication, she has climbed the ladder of “World’s Most Powerful People” and ranks fourth in this list of 75 powerful people around the globe.

5. Jeff Bezos- CEO and Founder, Amazon.com

Jeff Bezos- Amazons’s chief is the first person to flaunt $100billion in Forbes list of World’s billionaires. From discovering an e-commerce store operating in a garage in Seattle in 1994 to owning 16% e-commerce of Amazon, he traveled a long way.

6.Pope Francis- Bishop of Rome, Roman Catholic Church

He is well known as a spiritual leader for one-sixth of the world’s population, 1.3 billion people. Pope is on a mission to “transform the longstanding conservative image of the Catholic Church.” He is aiming a change in reform, treatment of refugees and religious minorities.

7. Bill Gates- Co-founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the worlds largest Charitable foundation. Discovered by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. This foundation aims at saving lives, improving global health to remove polio from the world. Bill is still a member of Microsoft firm that he founded in 1975 with Paul Allen. Now he has just 1% share in the company he founded.

8.Mohammad Bin Salman- Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia

he is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia while his father remains the king of Saudi Arabia He has powers of taking control of the country. Al Saud led an ‘anti-corruption campaign’ made many Saudis to be arrested and were asked to turn over their fortunes, in nov 2017. As an outcome of this campaign 10 Saudi billionaires dropped out from Forbes list of world’s billionaires.

9. Narendra Modi- Prime Minister, India

 The honorable Prime Minister of india0 Narendra Modi ranks 9th in this Forbes List. He remained popular in a population of 1.3 billion people. His unexpected announcement in November 2016 was shocking for the general public. As elimination of banknotes suddenly was an unpredictable move of PM. That aims to reduce money laundering and corruption. He has raised himself as a global leader that took international help to tackle climate change, that affects millions of his rural citizens.

10. Larry Page- CEO, Google


In 1998, he co-founded  Google with a fellow Stanford Ph.D. student Sergey Brin. They invented Google page ranking algorithm that boosts search engine. Larry Page sits at the helm of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, healthcare division Calico, smart home appliance division Nest and more.

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