Luxurious Homes Of Cricketers Which Will Make You Feel Stunned

Published on: 27/11/17 6:32 PM

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Everybody say that Cricket is a very technical game, but once you succeed in it, there is only one word that comes up- Money! With billions of dollars spent every year on the Game of Cricket; some of the famous Cricketers all over the world also have their fancy lifestyle. Some of them show it with their esteemed house while some of them show their wonderful collection of cars and bikes. Well! Here are some of the Luxurious Homes of Cricketers Which Will Make You Feel Stunned!

10. Chris Gayle


We mostly know Chris Gayle by his six-hitting power that goes up high and such is his choice of lifestyle. Chris Gayle has a beautiful house in the hills of Jamaica. 


It gives a great view of the streets and has some of the best amenities such as swimming pool, dance floor, billiard room as well as a view of the capital Kingston.

9. Shane Warne


Shane Warne lives in an unbelievable mansion in Brighton, England. It is indeed grand and has everything that you might have missed out experiencing in life. It has a tennis court with a swimming pool that has his jersey number 23 inscribed in it.


The backyard of the house looks stunning with a 10 car underground garage and also an expensive backyard.

8. Sachin Tendulkar


The master blaster of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar lives in Bandra in a magnificent 5-storey house! The area is of 6000 square feet while the swimming pool has a terrace and the ground floor has all his achievements.


He also has a separate house in London and it is called to be the Shell House.

7. Michael Clarke


The Australian Cricketer has a home set of 230 acres in the Southern Highlands of Australia. The house has a vast infinity edge which is set up by a tennis court and an irrigated cricket oval. 

The place is indeed a love for most of the people as there is also a picket fence border.

6. Shane Watson


The home of this Aussie Allrounder is a four bedroom one, but definitely, has the luxurious finish to it. 


The Shane Watson House has a separate swimming pool and is definitely a great treat to the eyes for everyone. The house is located in Bronte, Sydney.

5. Sourav Ganguly


The Prince of Calcutta and referred to as Dada, Sourav Ganguly lives in a luxurious house in Kolkata. The mansion has almost 48 rooms in it and also has a cricket pitch in order to fuel his passion.


Apart from this, his house is filled with antiques which are expensive as well. The beauty of this house is also a great treat to watch.

4. Kumar Sangakkara


The house of Kumar Sangakkara was known as Engeltine Cottage nearly 81 years before Kumar Sangakkara's family purchased this. In fact, it is the place where he grew up and still lives there with his family. The beautiful house has trimmed gardens, fruits, and flowers as well as white pillars.

3. Ricky Ponting


The Aussie retired Captain has a beautiful mansion in Brighton and also has a camera based security system.


The luxury of the house is marvelous, and it has seven bedrooms as well as billiards room along with a library marble fireplace. It also has all those amenities like theatre, pool and tennis court.

2. Brian Lara


The legendary cricketer, Brian Lara has his house settled in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The house simply feels to be like a mansion.

1. Virat Kohli


The current Indian Captain, Virat Kohli has one of the costliest homes a Cricketer can ever have. His expensive lifestyle and his house are just filled with luxury. 


His house is a reflection of his personality. The sitting area also has a classic interior that can get you stunned.

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