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Luxury At 16,000 FT: The World’s Largest Flying Hotel

Published on: 25/08/18 12:43 PM

How Many Of  You Know About This?

Most of you would have never heard about this Hotel except few. Now your inquisitive soul would be asking you about the “flying hotel” and you might be thinking, we got manic? Unfortunately, we didn’t, we just came across a flying hotel, you must know about. So let’s unwrap.

What’s So Special About “Airlander 10- Flying Hotel”

Airlander 10 is a Real Flying Hotel with luxurious interiors. Its interior is developed in collaboration with design Q.

And the cost of the interior used in constructing this hotel is worth $3.29 Million. The look of this hotel is a combination of half-airplane, half-helicopter as well as the half-airship.

It was built by British manufacturer (Hybrid Air Vehicles) HAV, Airlander 10 is the world’s largest aircraft flying at a height of 16000 FT.

This aircraft takes the travelers to three days excursion tour and can land in some of the world’s most exotic locations. The nickname of this aircraft is “The Flying Bum”. As its posterior shaped hull of the aircraft.

The aircraft is 92 meters long that is larger than then the world’s largest passenger plane -The Airbus A380 which is 73.1m. The speed of Airlander 10 is just 146.4kmh while Airbus A380’s has a cruising speed of 901kmh.

Airlander 10 is well equipped with- luxurious “en-suite bedrooms”, an “Altitude Bar” and a spacious lounge area. And the best part about the interior is the glass flooring that allows the travelers to enjoy the horizon-to-horizon view from 16000 feet.

Features of Flying Hotel Airlander 10

This Airlander 10 airship can accommodate about 18 passengers and 1 crew member at a time.

Flying Hotel Airlander 10 Interiors

In 2016, this airship got crashed into a telegraph pole on its test flight. In 2017, Airlander 10 was collapsed before take-off in less than 24-hours after a successful test flight. Airlander will be soon rebuilt after being collapsed at Cardington Airfield. Image Source- DesignQ

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