Maggi Recipes That Will Make You Crave For Maggi More..!!

Published on: 26/07/18 12:46 PM

Maggi Recipes You Would Love Making..!!

If you are stuck between what to make when you crave for food, take the maggi and make the best out of it by experimenting with these recipes. Irrespective of the country, religion or the cast, Maggi is a common snack shared by every heart. So let’s make it easier in terms of experimentation to help Maggi lovers make some innovations at home itself.  These 10 experimental Maggi recipes will make you fall in love with this 2-minute noodle.

Deep Fried Maggi

2 minutes Noodles Recipe

For making this recipe you require Maggi, vegetable oil, pan, and spices. To begin with the recipe, firstly, cook the Maggi. Then put the pan on a medium flame to let the pan get lightly heated. Once the pan gets heated add vegetable oil. Add cooked Maggi to deep fry in a pan. Once the color of Maggi changes the color to light brown, know that your Maggi is deep fried and is ready for consumption. To make the recipe more interesting and delicious go for sprinkling “Chaat Masala” to it.

Maggi Spring Rolls

To prepare Maggi spring roll first boil the Maggi and add tastemaker and one cup of water to it.  For making the stuffing go for adding oil to the pan then add carrot, onion, soya sauce, salt and green chili then stir it and keep it aside for cooling. Once its cool add the stuffing to the spring roll sheet by spreading the mixture. Take some oil in a pan for deep frying the spring rolls in a low-medium flame until its color changes to golden brown. Once done take out the deep fried rolls.

Bread Maggi

Anytime Food Recipe from Maggi

To prepare bread Maggi you will require cooked Maggi and chopped onion as well as chopped tomatoes. This Maggi sandwich is yummy than you think and is better than it looks. Don’t make the bread soggy by cooking a watery Maggi, slightly dry it for better gripping and cooking of all ingredients.

Maggi Noodle Cutlet

For making a Maggi cutlet add oil to the pan but don’t add Maggi masala. Add boiled potatoes in a bowl and mash them well.  Add onion, garlic, green chili and Maggi masala and other spices to it. Then add cooked Maggi with mashed potatoes. Mix them all together lightly and fry the same in a pan containing oil for making these cutlets.

Maggi Burger

To prepare Maggi burger do the needful step by step. Cook two cakes of Maggi and when its done add two beaten eggs and two tablespoons of salt and black pepper. Then refrigerate the mixture for 20 minutes. Then add the piece of Maggi to boiled oil. Take 3 mashed potatoes to add coriander powder, red chili powder, garam masala and ginger paste. Make a potato patty and fry it in a pan. and add this aloo patty to your maggie burger.