Make Sure You Don’t Change These Things For Your Future Husband!

Published on: 25/05/18 12:46 PM

Don’t Change These Things For Him!

Make sure you don’t change these things for your husband. As you too hold an identity for yourself. Let him know you are not going to change these things for him no matter what happens in future.



Pal, you too have an identity. Don’t let it go from you. Share his surname but lose on your individual identity in the name called marriage.  Retaining your surname given by your parents is not something that will disrespect your in-laws and if it does simply they are not worthy of a girl like you.

Career Choices

Before being a bride she was brilliant at something and being a smart woman she never had time to learn the home chores as she was inclined towards making a bright future. She is admired for her dedication and she is an asset to the organization. If she is so good at field why is it needed to cage her inside four walls of the house? For a girl, her career is everything as she loves her job and would never forgo it for someone as a condition for marriage. So if he asks you to give up a career for family ask him to do that if he can’t just don’t resign from your company and never let him rank above your career.

Dreams And Aspirations

Each one of us has some dreams that we wish to fulfill before settling down. We all have one life so why to compromise those dreams to the flame of the kitchen. Are their no independent women who are living on their terms and condition? They exist. Then how can you ask someone to give up everything for you and get married to you for being caged to cooking and four walls of your home? Some say there is life after marriage but unfortunately martial obligations take your dreams away and you end up being nothing more than a mother of an unwanted child given birth as an outcome of marital force.

Friend Circle and Relations


Don’t change your friend circle or relations just because they don’t like your friends. If a bonding is based on forgoing don’t accept it. Because a right person won’t ask you to forgo relations or friend circle you own.

Fashion Choices

Just because you don’t like what she wears doesn’t mean you have a control over her life. It’s her life and she should decide that for herself not you or your mother. As you barely know her part so don’t be quick to control her life when you don’t know what kind of atmosphere she has been raised in? Don’t change your fashion choices for anyone unless it actually needs a change.

Decision-Making Power


Space and Freedom

If he gives you space for things you want time and gives you the freedom to take decisions for yourself know that you have a supporting partner. As the one who is dominant or inferior to his existence won’t let you take decisions and will govern your life. So the person who can respect your personal space and give you the freedom to live life on your terms is worth the marriage rest can just leave.


He won’t mock you for having principles even if you don’t share the same beliefs. Instead, he will respect your beliefs and will let you follow them and won’t dare asking you to compromise on them if he is for real.

Social Media


If he often praise you and accept you socially and feel proud to have you, you are lucky girl! As the man who is happy to have you wont let occassion slip his fingers where he could showoff how blessed he is to have you. If he never misses a change to praise you or support your new ventures, girl marry him- he is a keeper.


If he cares for your family only then let him in else close the door. As a person who fails to respect your parents won’t accept you for who you are? So if he is caring and respectful towards your parents its time you reciprocate the same and accept him for a lifetime.

Hobbies And Interests

Dont let your talent go away from you as your interest is what keeps you alive so dont let it go from your life. If he is understanding and loving he will give you the space you need for me time as well a let you involve in your hobby areas without cribbing  for not paying attention to him.

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